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Eyes on NNP!!!

News that former Education Minister Emmalin Pierre is now thinking of throwing her “hat” into the ring to contest the post of Political Leader of the New National Party (NNP) at its upcoming convention is now the topical issue in the country.

THE NEW TODAY has decided to scoff at the notion out of a firm belief that this is nothing but the latest attempt by the aging Keith Mitchell to engage in more political tomfoolery to put off-track those opponents who are trying to read his next political moves.

Dr. Mitchell is aware that the ex-Minister does not possess the intellectual capacity and capability to match up to the current holder of the office of Prime Minister, Dickon Mitchell of the Congress party.

The tricky NNP Political Leader understands that the race for the Prime Ministership of the country is vastly different from a candidate having more than a fighting chance to win at the Constituency level.

The NNP leadership is not foolish to give the top job in the party to someone who has no national following and with a lot of question marks in the air as that might just result in “a massacre” of the party in the next general election.

The main opposition party has very little to show in terms of an adequate replacement for Dr. Mitchell, the long-standing Member of Parliament for St George North-west.

The Former Agriculture Minister Peter David has put up his hand and signalled his intention to contest the post of Political Leader of the party at the upcoming general election.

It is public knowledge that Dr. Mitchell is not in favour of David, the former General Secretary of Congress, becoming his successor in the NNP.

With NDC about to celebrate its second anniversary in office in June, time is fast running out for the NNP in terms of settling down with a new Political Leader and a Team of worthy candidates for the next general election.

The history of the NNP is to give a new Candidate at least a 3-year run to try and consolidate in a constituency.

With time running out for NNP, the choices are either Dr. Mitchell will continue to hold onto the leadership, do an about turn and accept David or endorse a new leader at the Convention to be held most likely in the September/October period.

The only new person that NNP can look towards at the moment to face Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell is attorney-at-law Dwight Horsford who from reports is due back in the country from his stint in Anguilla before year-end.

The Peter David faction within the NNP has been monitoring Horsford and has seemingly picked up information that the former Executive member of NNP has been clearing his desk in the small British dependency to return home in time for the party convention.

The advantage that Peter David has at the moment is that ability to raise the type of finance that a political party needs to campaign to win a general election.

The NNP, under a Keith Mitchell leadership in the upcoming general elections, will not be a good sign for the party and can result in a massive defeat “by default” for the island’s major political opposition outfit.

It is clear to THE NEW TODAY that Grenadians are finished with Dr. Mitchell and the NNP will have to rebound under new leadership.

Dr. Mitchell is also no longer the dominant political figure that he was 10 to 20 years ago in the important Diaspora Community in New York.

Too many of the allies of the NNP in Brooklyn have crossed over to the newlook Congress under Dickon Mitchell and no longer have any use for the NNP current political boss.

With the NNP Convention most likely to be held in another six months, the party will have to decide on whether the job will be given to Peter David or Dwight Horsford.

Dr. Mitchell cannot be in the mix as the recent public meetings held under his stewardship have been poorly attended and failed to attract any youthful following.

Any serious student of politics understands that neither the NNP or NDC can depend on its base support to win a general election in the country.

The entry of Dickon Mitchell on the side of NDC resulted in thousands of young people moving in his direction and tipping the scale for Congress in the June 2022 general election.

The only hope for NNP in the next general election is to roll back the youthful support for Dickon Mitchell and NDC as Keith Mitchel is not the answer.

The NDC strategists should look carefully at the unfolding events within NNP in the next couple of months to try and position itself to remain in office.

The NNP knows that it has to be extremely careful with its choice for leader of the party in going forward to provide a formidable challenge to Dickon Mitchell and his Congress group, despite their own shortcomings since assuming leadership of the country almost 22 months ago.

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