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Dickon Mitchell is no push over!!!

Allegations that names were removed specifically from the Grand Mal area in the St George North-west constituency and placed into the neighbouring constituency of St George North-east is quite disturbing.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has discovered a number of these names and has objected to these names being on the list to the Supervisor of Elections, Elvis Morain.

The party should be concerned about Mr. Morain being in such a sensitive position given his track record of being less than truthful in another function that he was performing as a Board Member of the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA).

It involved the issue surrounding a debt of over $140,000 that was owed to nutmeg farmers for their produce by a company involving Olinga Mitchell, the son of Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell.

The Supervisor of Election played with the truth when he was asked a question on a programme hosted by the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) and literally denied any knowledge of the Chimera issue involving the young Mitchell.

Other board members knew that the outstanding monies owed to GCNA was discussed at several board meetings in the presence of Mr. Morain.

If he was sleeping on the job, then Mr. Morain is not a fit and proper person to be supervising over any general election in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

This new look NDC, headed by attorney-at-law Dickon Mitchell is not the same Congress party that was under the leadership of former Finance Minister, Nazim Burke.

The new Political Leader of Congress has already signaled his intention to pay close attention to the happenings within the Parliamentary Elections Office (PEO) and has assembled a team of lawyers, including several from the region, to look after NDC’s interest in the June 23 general election.

It should be recalled that in the 2018 poll that Mr. Burke had discovered some discrepancies with names, objected to them but did not take the matter to court.

The NDC apparently could not find local lawyers who were willing to take the matter to court out of fear of reprisals from the NNP government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Dickon Mitchell understands the problem faced by the “Old NDC” and took the decision to retain some regional lawyers with experience in politics and electioneering to standby in case the NDC needed them to sort out any problem with respect to the upcoming general election.

Congress has in its rank a team of local IT specialists who are very savvy in the use of computers and programmes to dissect the Electoral List within minutes in order to discover any funny business.

The NDC IT team was able to pinpoint the alleged discrepancies in the List in short order with the registration of names that should be in St George North-west but somehow found their way in St. George North-east.

The Electoral laws make provisions for the NDC candidate in St George North-east, Nimrod Ollivierre to register in his constituency even though he is known to be living at Fort Jeudy which falls in the South St George constituency.

This is not applicable to his wife or siblings if they do not live in the constituency in which he is seeking to become a Member of Parliament.

A party can get a Justice of the Peace to signal that that person is living in the Constituency when he/she is not but this amounts to committing fraud.

Mr. Dickon Mitchell is no fool as a lawyer and has been very successful especially in civil matters before our courts.

In an earlier editorial, THE NEW TODAY indicated that elections are not stolen on the day of polling but actually long before the date of the election.

If a political party gets the co-operation of a corrupt official in the Electoral Office, then it can be quite possible for names to be manipulated and end up in the wrong constituency in order to “thief” an election.

There was evidence a few years ago from then Assistant Supervisor of Elections, Emmanuel Roberts, when he admitted to a local media house that he was approached by an operative of the NNP to switch some names between St. George South-east and South St George but he refused to do it.

It is not the first time that “mischief” is being done with names that should be registered to vote in St. George North-west and end up in St George North-east.

The NNP has a large surplus of voters in St George North-west which has been held by the Prime Minister in Parliament since 1984 whereas St George North-east used to be a garrison constituency of NDC until 2013 and then again in 2018 when it was won for the ruling party by Opposition Leader Tobias Clement.

Dickon Mitchell is no push over and is very determined to win the June 23 general election as part of his agenda for Change and Transformation.

The NDC has to praise him for the manner in which he has resurrected their fortunes in Grenada’s political landscape in only seven months and backed by his belief and ambition that he can defeat Dr. Mitchell at the polls, despite his over 50 years of political experience.

The NDC is very confident that the party has already won the battle against the aging Prime Minister in messaging, poster quality and attracting the youth vote and is now putting together a strategic ground game for the next two weeks to mount a serious assault to take away state power from Dr. Mitchell.

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