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Crossing the line!!!

The Evan Smith incident is another reminder of the imbalance in our society between the poor and marginalised and the rich and well-to-do that has been lying quietly underneath the surface and waiting to explode.

THE NEW TODAY has always been convinced that there is a small section in the Grenadian population who regard their class as superior to the average common person in the country.

That group has now nestled itself with the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell with the hope of using their financial power base to eventually secure political power to rule the country.

Twenty to thirty years ago, it was impossible for the likes of Alexandra Otway-Noel and Nicholas Steele to win seats in general elections in Grenada to enter into the corridors of Parliament as elected members of the House of Representatives.

The so-called Grenadian bourgeois have attached themselves onto the NNP as part of a strategic alliance for power and are very much hopeful that the Health Minister, Nicholas Steele would emerge from the pack as replacement for the ageing Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell.

It is not by accident that the NNP is widely regarded as the party made up of basically two sets of people – the needy and greedy which translates into a certain section of the population on the lower end of the scale giving critical support and on the other side, the greedy who are the real upper class in the society and always looking to increase on their bank accounts.

The construct of the NNP and its philosophy of always putting money in front of everything else is the haven for the money people in the country.

However, the flip side is that this alliance with the NNP has resulted in some people believing that they can do anything and get away with it.

THE NEW TODAY was not surprised at the protest action taken by the people on Saturday to send a message to the powers-that-be about what will be tolerated and who would not be allowed to cross the line.

This white Irish family has come into Grenada without understanding the true history of the country and was bold enough to beat up a black man.

The ordinary rank and file Grenadian is currently under financial pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic from a government that has been exposed over its mantra of “We Will Deliver”.

The Mitchell-led NNP administration is weeks behind with the promised payroll support payment to workers in just about every sector of the economy.

The island is now entering July and the administration cannot provide the beneficiaries with salaries for the end of May.

The Prime Minister has also lost the common touch in providing hope for his own supporters with the lackluster speech that he delivered to the nation on Sunday night.

A vast majority of the NNP base – The Debushers – might have been anxiously waiting to hear the start of a programme from “The Leader” on the start of work on the road to put some badly needed cash on the table for them.

The Prime Minister also lost an opportunity Sunday night to follow in the footsteps of the acting Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin and to appeal for calm given the explosive situation that was developing on the island due to the Evan Smith matter.

Dr. Mitchell should have informed the nation that he had heard about this unfortunate incident and as Minister of National Security had issued instructions to the Police to give the matter high priority.

For the Prime Minister to remain totally silent on the Evan Smith issue, it could be rightly interpreted that he had already taken a side and not on the side of the victim, since there is no doubt that foreign investors are highly regarded by him.

THE NEW TODAY is fully aware that there is in existence this class of people in Grenada who give critical financial support to the NNP but on the other hand continue to look down on the poor and marginalised in the society.

The fact is that many persons on the lower end of the financial and economic spectrum have often been treated as second class citizens in their own homeland.

Some of these white expatriates have come in to take up residency and have taken a cue and feel bold enough to jump on bandwagon to belittle some of the ordinary people on the island.

A case in point surrounds the vexing issue of lack of access by ordinary Grenadians to some of our beaches in the so-called white enclaves in Grenada like Westerhall Point, Lance Aux Epines and to some extent in Point Salines.

The Evan Smith situation provided the perfect platform and opportunity and came at the right time for some Grenadians with issues to arise finally and send out a message that power lies in the hands of the people.

This was the Grenada version of the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis in the United States which generated worldwide protest against institutional racism around the world where whites feel empowered to kill and put their “knees” on the necks of blacks at will.

THE NEW TODAY sensed that for the first time in years that sections of the so-called Grenada White and privileged class were trembling and shaking in their boots by the uprising on Saturday to send a message that the boiling point had finally reached and enough is enough.

Like the United States, some whites came out to the protest and march on Saturday to declare and show their hands that they too are not on board with what Dolan Kavanagh and Sarah Hatton and the two children did to Evan Smith.

This message should reverberate throughout the length and breadth of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique that the power of the poor and ordinary black should not be under-estimated when it comes to crossing the line.

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