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Beware of the Coardites!!!

THE NEW TODAY would like to thank in a special way the former Army General Hudson Austin for agreeing to do an interview with us after a long wait of 38 years since the tragic events of October 1983 which shook the world and the entire Caribbean.

It is also significant that the General broke his silence the very week when another Caribbean leader was executed by gunfire in Haiti.

The people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique who are old enough will remember that dark period in the life of the country when Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, three Cabinet Ministers and several others were lined up and shot in cold blood by a group of ultra-leftist Marxists in the name of POWER.

The General is no fool and would be mindful that there are many in the country who would not forgive him for what they regard as his betrayal of their beloved “Comrade Leader” for a group of hot heads who have been described in some quarters as drunk on an ideology that has spilled many a blood in other parts of the world.

For those who read the article on the interview conducted with the former Army Commander, there are many lessons to be drawn but the most important is that some people are prepared to kill for power.

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) should read very carefully the insight given by this now elderly citizen about some of the developments which took place within the then ruling New Jewel Movement (NJM) that created the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution after the coup d’etat against the elected Eric Gairy government.

The power hungry Bernard Coard destroyed the Revolutionary process because of a hunger and desire to become the new Grenada Leader even though “The Masses” saw Maurice Bishop as their leader.

The young disciples of Coard who went into the NDC to help with its rebuilding did the same thing when the party won the 2008 general election and many felt that this was the end of the reign of Keith Mitchell as Prime Minister of the country.

There was very much a repeat of the 1983 events inside the Congress government except there was no killing and the firing of guns.

The two principal Coardites inside NDC started to fight among themselves to gain the strategic advantage to become the successor of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas very early in the life of the administration.

One of them was more open in the manner in which he used the POWER of money to buy the loyal support of several elected Members of Parliament on his side in order to gain a majority support in the Cabinet of Ministers and to control the agenda of the government.

The other was more subtle and operated similar to Bernard Coard in the manner in which he was seeking to position himself to eventually take over as NDC leader whenever the time came for PM Thomas to exit the stage.

THE NEW TODAY has evidence that the NDC administration of 2008-13 had three governments inside it – the one headed by Tillman Thomas as elected by the people and two others involving elements who came out from under the arms of Bernard Coard.

The clear message which came out of that period was similar to the events that unfolded and caused the demise of the Grenada Revolution.

One of the so-called leaders in the NDC decided with his cohorts to mash up and bring down the Congress government when it became clear to him that power would elude him.

This is a message not only to members and supporters of NDC but to all and sundry in Grenada.

These Coardites will never change as they have one thing in common to get involved in the democratic process in order to lay their hands on POWER in this country regardless of the fact that they were schooled in Marxism/Leninism.

THE NEW TODAY would like to make some passing comments on the abuse of the office of the Prime Minister by the Member of Parliament for St. George North-west, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his lack of respect for our judicial system.

This is a Prime Minister who has taken many persons to court for libel and defamation and other things and met no resistance from the defendants who accepted letters of service from Bailiffs.

However, Dr. Mitchell is putting all kinds of obstacles in the way of Bailiffs who seek to serve him on behalf of lawyers acting for aggrieved parties who want their day in court with him.

A few years ago, a Bailiff by the name of Terry Registe was prevented from serving a Court document on Prime Minister Mitchell as he allowed his Security Detail to form a human shield around him so that he could not be served.

Today, Dr. Brian Francis through his attorney, former Attorney General Cajeton Hood indicated that a letter was sent to Dr. Mitchell in order to seek a withdrawal of a clear lie that he told on the once serving Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and they have run into problems.

It is bothersome when you think that attorneys like former Governor General Sir Daniel Williams and former Attorney General Dr. Lawrence Joseph who are officers of the court will continue to be associated with a Prime Minister who is showing a clear lack of respect for our judicial and legal system.

THE NEW TODAY call on all those lawyers who are members of the ruling New National Party (NNP) and those who are known to be closely associated with that political organisation to put the making of money aside and for once show a sense of patriotism and to be a good example for the respect of our democratic institutions for the upcoming generation.

Is it any wonder why Grenada is fast descending into a lawless state when a Prime Minister is playing games with the legal system?