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Attack on Prison Officer!!!

The early Tuesday morning attack on the home of a female Prison officer is further proof of the dangers posed to our society by criminal elements in our midst.

Information in our possession seems to suggest that there is a link to the Richmond Hill prison between the gunshots that were fired at the home of the woman at Victoria, St Mark’s and the bullets that hit her vehicle.

THE NEW TODAY had heard reports that one of the most dangerous inmates at the prison had tried without success to lure a prison officer to assist him in smuggling a gun onto the compound for clearly sinister purposes.

The police investigators into the attack on the female prison officer will be aware of the information and treat this as a possible motive for the incident.

This episode should serve as a reminder to those in National Security about the need to step up their monitoring of activities taking place behind the walls of the Richmond Hill prison.

The word on the ground is that this particular prisoner who is serving a lengthy sentence for murder is the mastermind of several criminal activities taking place in the country.

This prisoner is said to be running a criminal enterprise from behind the prison walls and has been able to recruit a number of his kind on the outside to do his bidding in the society.

It is an established fact that the prisoner with money at his disposal has tremendous influence among some inmates and is given the status of a King in the institution.

These prisoners use their money for influence especially when it comes to paying other inmates to wash their clothes and to provide other personal services for them.

The prison is also a breeding ground for criminals to learn the trade and craft from seasoned and professional inmates and to leave the institution and come back out in society and engage in what they learnt from on the inside.

It is said in the Underworld that this dangerous prisoner has been able to get into “the head” of young inmates and recruit them as disciples to go back into the community and engage in many types of wrongdoing.

This individual has connections in other islands among criminal elements especially in Trinidad & Tobago and St Vincent & The Grenadines.

These are our closest neighbours where a lot of the illegal guns and drugs are coming from into Grenada.

The authorities should also be mindful that the arrest of the two suspects for the murder of Carenage gangster Von “Wangy” Cyrus should result in increased and improved security at the prison.

The murder accused persons are going into an institution in which the target of their killing has loyal foot soldiers in the institution who will be prepared to seek revenge for their boss on the outside.

These prisoners have the means inside the prison to eliminate the two murder suspects if called upon by those on the outside to take care of them once the instructions are given.

The feud among the rival gangs could move from off the streets on the island to inside the Richmond Hill prison as these elements seek to settle scores among them.

THE NEW TODAY would like to congratulate the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for the speed in which they were able to crack the Saigon Murder of “Wangy” and arrest two of the four murder suspects.

The solving of the case will help to lessen the fears and tension among the law-abiding citizens about the increasing level of gun violence in recent weeks on the island and their apprehension of going out in certain public places.

The lawmen still have to solve the Snug Corner murder of another well-known criminal element as it could be linked to the deadly Saigon shooting.

It is said that even within RGPF some officers are watching to see if charges will not be pressed against the person identified as “The Carenage Don” as footage is allegedly in existence of his role on the night of the shooting to death of one of his key lieutenants.

Based on the account of several eyewitnesses there was definitely an exchange of gunfire between the four assassins and the man that they had targeted to kill in Saigon.

All the guns used in Saigon to fire off the several rounds are illegal.

The police should get the evidence to bring before the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in whose hands the final decision lay on bringing criminal charges against all the suspects in the crime that was committed by both parties.

RGPF is already under scrutiny in the Underworld with some officers being accused of taking the side of the Gangsters in the South over that of their rivals on the Carenage and 4-Roads.

This was the feeling when the police arrested the Two Shooters from the city who opened gunfire at the Vendor’s Market at Grand Anse in broad daylight in retaliation and took over a month to arrest the Shooter from the South who came into the St George’s Market and fired first at an individual associated with 4-Roads.

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