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Areas of concern!!!

Another twelve months have literally slipped by in Grenada with residents once again preparing for the Christmas festivity.

It is that time of the year when family members come together not only to embrace the opportunity for merriment with plenty of food and drinks on offer but also to recognise the importance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The traditional churches will hold their customary mass in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.

But at the level of the government, those with the responsibility of running the affairs of the State should also take some time out to reflect on their stewardship of the Ship of State and to plan for the next 12 months ahead for the betterment of the country.

The current office holders are doing a far better job in the area of Project Implementation than the previous New National Party (NNP) administration of Keith Mitchell that was booted out of office in 2022.

The 18-month old Dickon Mitchell-led Congress government was able to kick-start some of the projects that should have started under the old regime.

A case in point is the Refurbishment and upgrade of Fort George which dates back to 2017 as part of a Regional Project with funds from the Washington-based World Bank.

As part of the project, the headquarters of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) had to be relocated from Fort George and this was never done by the former NNP regime.

Congress has now secured the Cable & Wireless building on the Carenage which has to be retrofitted to house the Police.

The NNP again showed its inefficiency with its approach to project implementation with the massive infrastructural work that had to be done to address the Molinere Slippage.

The new administration got involved and had to come up with a new design to take care of a project that had to be expanded in order to find a lasting solution to a major problem in a key area along the Western main road.

The government needs to move to the next stage by recruiting a cadre of personnel to ensure that there is more capacity within the key Ministries of Economic Development, MIT and Infrastructural Development in going forward with projects during the remainder of its first term in office.

Under the new government, there is definitely a construction boom on the island with work aplenty for tradesmen in the industry.

It is expected to continue in the New Year with the recent agreement signed for the completion of the Kawana Bay Resort overlooking the Grand Anse beach.

However, THE NEW TODAY is concerned with the challenges that will continue in the area of National Security in 2024 especially for the members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

There are increasing reports in credible quarters about the influx of brand new high powered weapons into the country and in the hands of criminal elements.

The persons behind the illegal arms and ammunition are doing a very good business as law enforcement is not on top of the situation.

Those in charge of National Security have to start thinking and doing things much differently in order to deal with the situation since it poses a serious threat to the safety and security of the State.

The Carnival Monday incident in which two Hit Men from Trinidad were dispatched to do the execution in Egmont and the manner in which the alleged Vincentian Drug Lord Dexter Chance was gunned down at Woburn in September is more than ample warning about the time bomb that is waiting to explode in Spice Country.

The Police have to start using technology and equipment at their disposal to launch a fight back against the criminal elements.

There should be an intensification in placing cameras in strategic areas, as well as the use of the Drone in the well-known hot spot places to monitor the activities that are taking place there.

The National Security advisors should recommend to the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dickon Mitchell the need to have a permanent police presence in Woburn.

On another note, it is nothing but sad, unfortunate and regrettable the incident which took place on Wednesday night in which a 4-year old died after falling into what appeared to be an uncovered septic tank behind the Grenville Police station.

Information is now in the public domain that a citizen posted a picture on Facebook back in June about the pit and its potential threat and nothing was done about it.

This raises serious concern about the work of the Environmental Health Department in the Ministry of Health which is charged with the responsibility of carrying out public health inspections throughout the country.

How did the staffers not know about this open pit in light of the fight against mosquito infestation in the country? Did our public officers fail us once again?

In this our last issue for 2023, THE NEW TODAY extends the very best season’s greetings to our readers, advertisers, and contributors and thank you for your support. Here’s hoping that all and sundry will be blessed by the Spirit of the God that we serve as Christians.

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