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A political lightweight!!!

The Bert Brathwaite situation is another manifestation of the bitter internal battle within the New National Party (NNP) on the question of the new leader for the island’s now major opposition party.

The decision of the majority of the members of the NNP Executive to now withdraw the special status of Dr. Brathwaite to attend their session is a reprisal for his suspected support of Peter David to replace Keith Mitchell as leader of the party.

Within weeks of the NNP defeat at the polls to the newlook National Democratic Congress of Dickon Mitchell in the June 2022 general elections, there were reports that the Medical Doctor along with the elder party statesman Dr. Lawrence Joseph were lining up behind David to emerge as the new party leader.

It was known from the onset that Dr. Mitchell did not want David to take charge of his party that he rebuilt over a 24 year period in conjunction with Gregory Bowen, considered as his most trusted confidante over the years.

It is known in certain circles within the NNP that Bowen is more hawkish to Peter David than the current party leader.

These are some of the dynamics at play within the opposition party in trying to understand the current situation within the NNP.

The pro-Mitchell supporters believe that Dr. Brathwaite, as well as former government ministers Oliver Joseph and Anthony Boatswain are currently in the Peter David camp.

The “hit” on the medical doctor is a direct shot being fired at David to send a strong message that “the Doc” is very much in control of the party and will determine the question of future leadership.

THE NEW TODAY sees it as an over-reach by the ex-Prime Minister as Dr. Brathwaite is a political lightweight in the scheme of things.

Dr. Mitchell has now given his critics further ammunition to spread the word around that he is really a dictator and will cut down anyone who stands in his way.

Despite the statement put out by the party on the Bert Brathwaite issue, it will not fly and most ordinary thinking Grenadians will always see the hands of “The Doc” behind this latest episode within the NNP.

It matters not to the former Prime Minister that the Medical Doctor has been a most loyal “friend and supporter” for many decades.

What is always foremost in the head of Dr. Mitchell is that the individual must always continue to give blind support in every circumstance.

The proof in the pudding is the current Matrimonial battle involving Dr. Mitchell and his estranged wife Marietta who was the main financial provider in the early days of the marriage.

As the NNP moves closer to the long overdue convention, the pro-Peter David faction within the party will be in for a very rude awakening.

Dr. Mitchell is looking at ways in which to throw out “Pedro” from the party but has not found a way at this point in time to accomplish the job.

Peter David is now seen as a disruptive element within the NNP hierarchy of Mitchell and Bowen and there is now no place for him in the upper echelon of the party.

The chickens are now coming home to roost where David is concerned politically.

His political gamble that brought about the end of the NDC government of Tillman Thomas in the 2012/13 period will haunt him for many years to come as Dr. Mitchell seeks to crush him.

Pedro did not understand that Dr. Mitchell used him to mash up the NDC government in order to pave the way for his eventual return in 2013 after the defeat at the 2008 polls.

What was always in the head and mind of Dr. Mitchell was to become the Grenadian ruler forever in his quest to create a one-party state in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

It was never in the thinking of the NNP Boss that Peter David will eventually succeed him as heir to the Throne.

It is quite possible that Dr. Mitchell will eventually realise that the outcome of the 2022 poll was very much a changing of the guards and that the time has finally come for a much more younger generation of Grenadian leaders to emerge at the helm.

This factor will also go against Peter plus the fact that he is not seen as an authentic NNP like Akima Paul, Dwight Horsford and Emmalin Pierre.

Dr. Mitchell will use “every trick in the book” to bring an end to Pedro’s ambition to take charge of his party.

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