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The ting just start …

My most recent article, about three weeks ago, entitled “A Pure Pimp’s Paradise” called on Grenadians to pay attention to the CBI Program and the benefits to be enjoyed by those who buy our passports and become Grenadian citizens.

Although the CEO and the Chairman resigned from the program recently, it was the resignation last week of the ex-Ambassador-at-Large Warren Newfield, a CBI citizen, an investor, and Consul General to Florida that seemed to ‘open a can of worms.’

In his two-page letter of resignation addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he vented his frustrations with the Grenada government which he claimed “has been transformed into an anti-business regime.” Allyuh, the ting just start!

Was this not the same man who was warmly welcomed six years ago? We were told that he was setting up a new Consular Office in Miami for Grenada with furnishings and staff, all at no cost to the Grenada Government, but at his own expense. Of course, our government doesn’t know how to say “No, thanks” and once anything is offered, we always accept without thinking that everything has a price and that one day, we may be asked to repay or asked for a big favour.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs had promised to make a statement on the matter and if he did, I am not aware but more importantly, has he yet acted professionally by responding and acknowledging receipt of that letter? What we witnessed was the despicable behaviour of the Prime Minister in the Parliament last Friday.

Mr. Prime Minister, how could you dare raise the race card in our parliament? This is unforgiveable! We say we are Pure Grenada, we say that we depend on the CBI program and tourists who come from all over the world and we welcome all our visitors and new citizens although we don’t know who the new citizens are. That is a well-kept secret!

However, now that you had a ‘falling-out’ with one CBI citizen, you found it prudent to mention the colour of his skin…in our Parliament. You are not only ‘anti-business’ but you are also anti-white, anti-tourist, anti-CBI, anti-investor, anti-Grenadian and anti-Grenada and… you are now on record as being a racist. What a disgrace to our country and our people and we demand an apology …but… The ting just start!

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You found that Mr. Newfield should not be criticising the government and you claimed that he suggested that the government be changed. I read his letter several times and nowhere in there did I see that mentioned. You know that you should have long retired so it must be your conscience ‘jooking’ you!

Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Newfield has every right to criticise you and the government. He is a Grenadian citizen and you now work for him and the rest of us. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! You are responsible for selling out our citizenship and giving the CBI Grenadians even more benefits than the born Grenadians have. With time, one of them would take your job, as Prime Minister, because whatever you do always comes around and bites us, the born Grenadians, in the behind later.

Mr. Prime Minister, it has been long alleged that you are a dictator and your behaviour in the Parliament last Friday, 21 May 2021, demonstrated this. Although you claim that the CBI program is being run by a team of people, it is quite clear that you personally control everything in Grenada.

However, now that the man has resigned, the Prime Minister ‘running his mouth’ on the man talking about some investigation and telling us all kinds of things about ‘baseball’ and ‘three strikes and you’re out’ and a whole lot of nonsense. You know that every story has at least two sides, some three and some even four so we, the people, are not buying your story as you are a stranger to the truth.

You have a way of putting your own spin on things just as you did with the WRB/Grenlec issue by telling us that the Grenada government won the case with ICSID yet government had to pay WRB. The sad thing is that whenever you do your do, we the Grenadians always get screwed!

Certainly the arrangement was working well, to the benefit of both parties. Something terrible must have gone wrong for the PM to come out on him like a Rottweiler. After the childish outburst – referring to him as a ‘character’ – I am sure that Mr. Newfield may come back with a different story which just might be the truth but … the ting just start!

Valerie Thompson is a Grenadian-born Social Activist