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The Patriotic Vine… Things that hurt Grenada

I can hear her reciting on TV with conviction, that brave and innocent schoolgirl. She stresses, “I have taken my stand against corruption”! To whom is her message directed, in the main? Are there people with integrity and occupying high Office who are paying her any attention? Is the nature of her testimony contrary to the culture of their pockets and the crookedness of their minds?

Now, will Dr. The Honourable Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister, please take the stand: The ‘Oath of Office’ is in effect, so too the ‘Oath’ to speak the truth before this People’s Court! I remind the Court that the defendant is a self-proclaimed “devout Christian” and although he is filthy rich, is not known to have invested his money in Grenada!

‘My Oga’, I draw the Court’s attention to a clinical, masterful and historically accurate essay written by former Attorney General, Cajeton Hood, on the matters before the People’s Court. The references are unsealed.

If it pleases the Court, I make the following submissions:

(1) For decades, Keith Mitchell has abused the power of his Office to HURT the people of Grenada. I present the following exhibits:

(a) Hand-over of Grenada’s oil and gas to GPG without an iota of public disclosure of the details of the deal

(b) The treatment of WRB/GRENLEC resting with the payment of almost $200 million to that entity from the Treasury…taxpayers’ money!

(c) The deal with Jack Grynberg over vast acreages of Grenada’s maritime territory

(d). The deal with Miller over Hog Island

(e). The Call Centers loan

(f). Many others.

(2). Will the Prime Minister tell this ‘Court of our fathers’ whether these persons are white men/women and whether he had close ties with them that influenced or impacted his political work and electoral campaigns towards forming the Government of Grenada?

(I) Victor Kozeny

(II) Eric Resteiner

(III) Jack Grynberg

(IV) Peter de Savary

(V) E. J Miller

(VI) David Rowe

(VII) Rita Regale

(VIII) Gilbert Ziegler

(IX) Robert Skirving

(X) Laurent Barnabe

My Oga, if one’s contribution is welcomed for the formation of a ‘G’uvment’ of Grenada, is it unreasonable that such a one could call for a change of that very ‘G’uvment’?

(3) Will the Prime Minister tell the Court whether the Ambassadors he has appointed to Russia, UNESCO and to wherever else are white men?

(4) Will the PM disclose how many approved passport sellers under the CBI program are white men/women, and their names?

(5) My Oga, I submit that when, under cover of parliamentary privilege/immunity, the PM says, prejudicially, “Imagine a white man coming and tell us to change the leadership of Grenada”, his words were calculated to strike a cultural chord in the hearts of Grenadians and to deflect from the indictments laid against him by Ambassador Newfield. Bear in mind that wherever Newfield says “Government”, he should be taken to mean Prime Minister.

(6) The Court’s attention is drawn to the fact that many Grenadians have been appalled at the abandonment of important heritage assets and cultural values in Government’s decision-making regarding development projects. Public in person protests and on social media have pressed the case against the PM and have shaken his confidence! So, he has a selfish political motive in playing the race card!

(7) It is plainly evident that having planned General Elections for 2022, the PM is now trying to ingratiate himself with the Grenadian people who are overwhelmingly black, by race. Oga, he is trying to ‘pull wool’ over the eyes of the Grenadian sheep! He must not be allowed to succeed!

(8) We have come to the point where I have a stinging question for the Prime Minister. Please tell this ‘Court of our fathers’, Sir, what is the race of the Egyptian billionaire who is buying real estate in Grenada at will, and wants to have control of the Maurice Bishop International Airport? Is he white or is he a heterogeneous mixture of various races?

(9) Please tell the Court, loudly, whether you would have made the same racist comment if Sawaris were a white man?

(10) Oga, I submit that the racist bell being rung by the PM is anti- development, anti-youth of Grenada, divisive, reckless and irresponsible, anti-white investors in the Grenada economy and anti-job creation.

(11) Will the PM deny that much of the debt relief received by Grenada and the development aid flowing from multilateral agencies which he boasts about consistently, are in fact provided by white people?

(12) There is an inescapable conclusion to all this, My Oga: the statement by the PM HURTS Grenada big time and the People’s Court is invited to pronounce a guilty verdict against Keith Mitchell, and to issue a declaration that Keith Mitchell, by virtue of the abundance of HURT inflicted on the Grenadian people, is not a fit and proper person to hold the high Office of Prime Minister of Grenada. Oga, this black court cannot be accused of racial bias or improper interference in Grenada’s public affairs.

(13) Much obliged, My Oga.

William Joseph