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The Patriotic Vine… These two shall pass

One says it is an NGO but is impatient to be baptised a political party. The other is an established political party seemingly impatient to occupy a lonely spot in the center cemetery. One is moving with inspired haste to impress the people. The other is in an uninspiring state of near inertia and in danger of being suppressed by the people. Wait!

Both organisations can boast of having top quality Grenadian sons and daughters in their ranks. However, both seem hamstrung by attitudes and thinking that can restrict the advancement of their best interests. Better they come to accept their deficits and to remedy them speedily and sincerely.

On this point, seasoned readers will know that often there are teachable moments in what may seem to be negative circumstances. With a less thin-skinned attitude towards criticism and with an ounce of objectivity, much that is good and beneficial will be revealed. Yet ‘these two’ demonstrate hostility in the face of criticism that is honest, reasonable, constructive, and teachable. Not smart!

There is an aspect of their behaviour that is highly undemocratic. Intolerance of divergent views runs counter to the spirit of democracy and is never healthy for a society. However, to have an NGO engage in bad, old-fashioned political habits is troubling, especially as that organisation was created for the planned purpose of becoming a political party, and the further purpose of forming the Government of Grenada. After all Grenadians went through with and since Gairy’s ‘Mongoose Gang’, the semblance of a cyber- based ‘Mongoose Gang’ is bad news for every Grenadian.

The TGM Chairman recently announced (GBN) his dream of building a home for poor “black boys” in Grenada and who sometimes engage in deviant behaviour. That philanthropic intent is worthy even if it seems to be driven by a political interest given the timing and context of the announcement.

Clearly, Chairman Antoine has been given much and must have earned his keep. Those who have followed local politics for decades will not recall a Grenadian leader or aspirant who has opened his wallet or his war chest in that way. Not even Uncle Gairy! Definitely, not Keith! So, Chairman Antoine may be onto something special here. Interestingly, one may pass the tests of philanthropy, patriotism, and purpose; but fail to pass the tests of principle, preparation, and peace. Wait!

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Contrastingly, the Acting (temporary) Leader of NDC is not known to have personal wealth at a comparable level or at all. In fact, he and his party have already begun to be out-spent by TGM. Of course, they have the right to apply their resources in their best interests including the purchase of political goodwill. Recall that they promised to share development ideas, not their sponsorship vault or their well-stacked war chest.

Evidently, NNP will not need TGM’s financial help but the same cannot be said of the NDC. Importantly, one may be loaded with the best development ideas, but unless one is able to promote same with dollars, one will struggle to multiply one’s support among the people.

TGM knows that NDC is virtually broke, so why offer them ideas without financial backing? Why no TGM money for the NDC? Does TGM not find sufficient common cause, merit, or justification to support the aims of the NDC? Has Chairman Antoine abandoned discussions with NDC players on party leadership?

Looking ahead, TGM’s game plan is to pass from NGO to political party at the most convenient point. The ‘the point of convenience’ will either pass through the NNP’s plywood house or the soft tissues of the NDC’s heart. Some may say that that is classic political opportunism, but a lot passes through political parties including membership, methods, and moneys. Will Chairman Antoine leave his NGO on the books and take up leadership in either the NNP or the NDC? Wait!

Looking ahead, NDC must perish their incestuous appetite. The principal players must be prepared to shine the light that is put in their hands and stop trying to invent a light bulb to call their own. Downright folly! Continuing as they are going is a certain path to irrelevance. Those who refuse to see the greater good for NDC and tie themselves to unfulfillable ambition will fall flat and pass their party from what it has been to a mere pressure group or NGO. Wait!

Moses could not pass into the Promised Land because of disobedience. Given the signs, will either Victor or Persuader pass into Mt. Royal? Pass the answer around and in their ears, doh wait!

Christmas, 2020! Remember that Christ Matters Most.

Happy Holidays!

William Joseph