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The Patriotic Vine… ‘The Blow Hole’ not Harrisons’ Cave, Keith not Clarice, international passport seller not international marketer

Listen up, this one is new and sickening: Grenada’s tourism has been signed over to players whose principal business at this time is the hot sale of citizenship and passports! Someone has seen a way to make more and more money while Grenadians ‘hunger and thirst’! Ask the ‘BajanMarketVendor’ who so eloquently reminds us that Barry Collymore is a ‘journalist’. One would think that he did not have to be paid to say that, but he served- up much more very lavishly!

In which Grenada, but Keith Mitchell’s and Peter de Savary’s, would a journalist hold the position of Chairman of the Tourism Authority? Forgive me Barry, but if your credentials have been enhanced since coming to Grenada, you ought to have briefed the ‘BajanMarketVendor’. As you know, he attributed nothing further to you.

In which country, but Grenada, would de Savary not condescend to pay courtesies to the Minister for Tourism and, knowing the intimate DNA of the ‘big fella’, goes straight to him to have Barry, his hired hand, installed as Chairman of the GTA?

And now, Barry displays the magnitude of his knowledge deficit on tourism matters with glib talk about an “International Marketer” who is able to “hit the ground running”! But, how so, when Harrisons’ Cave must first be de-programmed from her marketing recital and replaced by ‘The Blow Hole’? Can anyone rush to the marketplace with a product that they do not know and achieve immediate success?

And is ‘International Marketer’ a qualification, as such, or is it a competence so vital to Grenada’s success in tourism that such a holder must be lodged in an office on the Carenage and paid over twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) a month by the Treasury? The ‘BajanMarketVendor’ must know that the only reason why Petra Roach is heading to Grenada is because of the big bucks; plenty more than the BTA would pay for the level of service for which she has been employed! Not so, Barry?

So, the “international marketing” will be executed from right here in the Greens! Yuh tellin’ meh! It is also from right here that a few specialised marketing firms will be contracted to position, promote, and sell Grenada’s tourism.

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Unfortunately, while my journalist friend cannot educate even a dunce Grenadian on this matter, the price to Grenadian taxpayers gets higher and higher.

Frankly, the Prime Minister must account for what we have gotten in return, he having favoured Rudy Grant and Patricia Maher. Now he is at it again. Be clear, no one can be appointed CEO of GTA unless the PM approves. It should surprise no one to learn that the Minister for Tourism had no effective say in either Barry’s or Roach’s appointment.

Reflect deeper! Open your eyes wider!

Prime Minister Mitchell abandoned Finance in the throes of the COVID crisis and gives it to Gregory; now he abandons Tourism and gives it to Barry. What is the conclusion to be drawn when the Prime Minister participates in the appointment of two successive failures at the GTA (CEO) and has the gall to approve a third appointment in an unchanged framework, one where he has put nothing in place to enable a Grenadian achieve that lucrative office?

So, for nine years, Grenadian tourism talent must remain in a doghouse at Happy Hill and you say that that is the essence of patriotism and leadership?

Look at the superior example set by Professor ‘Washie’ (also from Happy Hill) of the Grenada Renaissance Party. He says we must import ten thousand cows to give us milk; Keith says import a ‘Bajan calf’ to suck out all the milk. ‘Washie’s’ laudable goal is that “prosperity would immediately visit the country”. Which of these two positions speak to the best interests of Grenada? So, from now on, the word is, ‘Gee we ‘Washie’, we done wid Keetie’!

Let Barry go and sell passports with his English boss and put some integrity and competence in the foremost economic sector of the country, at the governance level.

Whatever ‘Victoria Secrets’ there may be, show a little respect to Clarice; unless, of course, Keith is afraid that she might turn around and bite the hand that feeds her! Woiiiiii!!

William Joseph