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The Patriotic Vine… Lofty, loud and lacking

Confession! I was prepared to support him in politics as the Grenadian equivalent of the ‘Saul – Paul’ conversion of biblical record! Alas, I have resiled due mainly to his pronounced lack of humility and credibility. The over- play of academic credentials is an immobilising minefield and has been the ‘political Waterloo’ of the over-proud and imprudent.

Three former GBSS classmates of mine have acquired PhD Economics qualifications. None of them exhibit the disturbing and seemingly irredeemable qualities of the TGM Chairman. Whoever told him that getting to heaven is a function of qualifications in Economics has never read the Scriptures. Whoever told him he is God’s gift to Grenada must do penance on the banks of the Paradise River until the banana boat arrives.

Incidentally, if anything in this week’s ‘Sermon’ crosses into the territory of the blasphemous, I beg for mercy and forgiveness.

I believe that God puts me in places for reasons and purposes best known to Him. It may well be that when I attended a political meeting at the invitation of Patrick Antoine and sat at his mother’s porch, it was for a time like this. Why was I counted among the principal guests?

There was a reason why Goliath was struck in the head by a small stone and died! If you are full of yourself such that you can acknowledge no personal weakness or concede that you are fallible, then there will be a ‘stone’ to equalise you. An unseen pebble will hit you in the place where your thoughts emanate and put you down.

If we solemnly and tearfully sing, ‘How Great Thou Art’ in church, then go home and declare that we are the greatest, then we have a major problem which the Bible calls “the pride of life” (ego)! While the Spirit of God may not leave us, we certainly can lose our humanity.

Scripturally, one is known not by one’s gift, but by one’s fruit. The fig tree was cursed because it had the right form (gift) but was deceptive (lacking fruit).

We are exposing Patrick’s truth! Below is an obedient application of his ‘theology’ of sorts that, “the day you see the truth and refuse to speak it is the day you begin to die”!

Patrick gave a speech in 2013 at the NNP campaign rally in St Andrew; lofty, loud, and lacking in almost every important respect. It was not motivated by love for country but was inspired by love for Keith Mitchell and belonging to the NNP. No sin there! He was introduced as a man who knew the facts, figures, and the finances; not as one who was going to speak the truth.

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The address was laden with every indictment against the NDC that he could conjure-up. His mind knew no bounds and his mouth obliged freely. Listening today, many of the few in TGM will cringe and shudder.

How does one explain Patrick’s chastisement of Tillman for receiving a donation from a reputable source in an international organisation when, sitting near to him was Keith, whose conduct in accepting money from a fraudster, was described by Commissioner Cheltenham as action that “demeaned the Office of Prime Minister”?

Read this slowly: How could he stand there with panting chest and ferocious gestures criticising Tillman over the aborted ‘Seawang One World’ mission to Taiwan when, during an Official visit to that country headed by PM Mitchell, some members of the delegation met in a hotel room with a group of ‘unspecified persons’ to discuss the flow of millions of dollars into Grenada? Einstein knows this fact and is still able to testify!

How could he accuse NDC of borrowing more money than NNP over a limited period when between 1995 and 2008, the party which he repeatedly referred to as “we” landed Grenada in national debt of historic proportions?

How dare he accuse Victor of building three houses when some on the platform owned much more than three? In fact, he himself owned more than two.

How could he complain about NDC treating investors badly when Mitchell, whom he worships and is waiting to succeed as NNP leader (notwithstanding a temporary falling out between them), and Gregory treated WRB immeasurably worse?

The same erudite Patrick presented an ‘arithmetic model’ of investment to job creation. Remember? He sold a ‘bill of goods’ that by investing specified millions, thousands of jobs will be created thereby breaking the back of Grenada’s unemployment problem. Did he believe in what he was selling when borrowings of over one hundred and fifty million dollars from the Kuwaiti Fund had not created five hundred jobs?

Today, he wishes to turn Grenada into an Economics classroom of students whom he could lecture to unchallenged. Sadly, he does not understand that Grenadians are interested in development not pure Economics. But he retreats there, to his stronghold, even when what he is challenged with has nothing to do with Economics, but with his character and integrity. What a consummate contemporary Goliath!

Yet with that vain mindset, condescending attitude, and unsatisfactory reputation Chairman Antoine wants to lead Grenada, wholly reminiscent of Bernard Coard! Why should we choose the ‘huff n’ puff’ ‘spirit of Goliath’ when we have been given the loving Spirit of God? NEVER!

Stand back, dear brother! You have not been called!

William Joseph