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Sweet lies

It gives me no pleasure to say I told you so, but it’s hard to keep it low, knowing the things I know”; the lyrics of Beres Hammond from his song, “Sweet Lies”.

That’s all it has been over the decades from Keith Mitchell to the Grenadian people. Tell them what will please them and keep them in hope, then renew the promises every 5 years or so!

Grenada, let’s all admit it: we have fallen for the Sweet Lies from a sweet talker. At least he is not like the mega rich king of Thailand who is waiting out the Covid crisis and running his country from a ski resort with a retinue of concubines, he is doing it from St. Mark’s with just 1 concubine that we are aware of.

My daughter and brother had to apply to be allowed to enter Grenada, their country of birth, and wait for approval before they were able to board a flight to Grenada. On the other hand, this uncaring and unpatriotic Prime Minister of ours, for a few dollars more, is presiding over a special waiver system for his cronies and associates and facilitating his other friends and supporters in making money from the situation.

Specially designated and selected hotels and guest houses where you must spend several days and special travel agency business are handpicked to benefit from the expenditure created by the Covid rules. On the other hand, there is no need for the ‘special people’ to quarantine and isolate from other people and poor workers in the hotels because they have a special arrangement. These arrangements put in place for “regular” Grenadians are fundamentally unconstitutional as not being reasonably necessary in the circumstances, and on account of their discriminatory effect. However, as I have said in many articles before, it was just a matter of time for Grenada to be caught up in a Covid outbreak due to the careless and deceitful manner in which our officials have been operating.

This man is showing yet again that he truly does not care for Grenadians that he knows are depending on him for a livelihood. These affluent guests can easily purchase tests and vaccines and even experimental drugs such as those administered to Donald Trump and Rudy Guillani, while the poor hotel workers can hardly afford to cater for the basic food, clothing and shelter.

Mr. Prime Minister, these poor hotel workers and all Grenadians trusted you! Grenadians trusted in your words that you had a system in place to protect them from Covid when you opened up the hotels and the country. You lied to us all and put our lives and the lives of their families and friends, the lives of the whole Grenadian community at risk by your shady and preferential deals.

Worse yet is the fact that the Prime Minister and his team continue to lie to us Grenadians about the source of this new cluster of cases. Sandals is not the only hotel with whom special arrangements have been made. Please note that these arrangements were not dictated by the hotels but by our Prime Minister and his team.

Sandals is adamant that the Grenada government is lying about them and now trying to blame them.

  • It was Sandals who repeatedly requested testing at their facility and it was their initiative and not the government which led to the discovery of cases; they cared more about us than Keith Mitchell and his team;
  • It was Sandals who decided to close down their facility in Grenada, not Keith and his team;
  • It is Keith and his team who caused the state of panic with a large number of false positives with their faulty testing equipment.

What a shame, a calamity and an embarrassment, and much more, what a threat to our national underfunded health system that has little ICU capacity, very little medication and reagents and even less qualified doctors and nurses.

But what is new with this Sweet Liar? Check out the recent history of his actions and deception. They keep costing us financially and degrade our lives:

  • Where is the boom he promised with oil and gas?
  • Where is our western main road that has been destroyed in his constituency? We will now be travelling in the bush and high woods of Mt. Moritz for many years.
  • He has finally shut up and stopped telling lies about Grenlec after racking up a growing debt in the hundreds of millions (they sold out all Grenadians by saying to international arbitrators that they could not find qualified persons in Grenada to oversee Grenlec’s actions)
  • Where is the pension for teachers and other public servants that he has denied them for decades?
  • Where is the money he took from the very low pay of public servants last Christmas for daring to stand up and protest against his actions? HEARTLESS!
  • Where is all the money that has disappeared from the CBI projects that he brought to Grenada? Our passports were sold and his friends were allowed to walk away with the proceeds of the sales.
  • And how do we restore the good name of Grenada that has been soiled by his association with crooks and con men and by his name being called in a variety of scams? “A good name is to be preferred than great riches”, but not with KHIEF!
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For him, that’s okay because he is in his ranch and can just pass more regulations claiming that he is trying to protect us, while he is actually putting us more in danger by giving us a false sense of security. He cussed out the jab jabs who jumped up on carnival Monday on our streets, but as one commentator said, this current cluster of cases was not caused by the jab jabs. Not a single case came out of the thousands of revelers, yet the dumb Prime Minister and his gang could not see that they had to free up locals and pressure foreigners.

To every single Grenadian who becomes sick from Covid, whose little business suffers from this new surge, who lost their livelihood or is affected, call upon Keith, the man who says repeatedly that he is the one who is running Grenada and ‘everything I do I do it for you’.

Now he tries to deflect the blame by saying that they have to investigate. Does he think that we are fools in Grenada? We all know for sure what is the cause of this outbreak. Keith brought his friends here, they brought the Covid here, and we are now “paying the cake”. What they do not know as yet is which group(s) of his “special arrangement” people is the source.

Sandals is saying that it is not them and so we all need to be much more careful. While “ordinary” people are forced to fork out money to support his friends in the special hotels and guest houses, his special people walk into Grenada with their infection, to make us sick and endanger our health, but not Keith and his concubine who are well isolated in their bubble up at Diamond.

He did not listen; he does not care and now these hotels have to send back all the guests. Keith and Nicky, you know very well who your special groups are. Make them do the honourable thing, just as Sandals is doing. Close down until we find the real source of the problem. What a pity that we could not have sent back these people with their Covid. Unfortunately, they are going back and leaving their Covid and not their money behind.

He truly does not care about the poor and needy in Grenada.
He won’t win another election in Grenada!
He will leave the office of Prime Minister in disgrace!

I pray that when he leaves office our lives in Grenada will not have sunk to the level where we have to say, “our lives and livelihood are all over”.

Let’s see what he does with the US$25 million for the World Bank. Let us see if he will not go to Parliament to debate the plans of his government for the disbursing of the money. The money is meant to “strengthen health systems and protect livelihoods”.

(Cajeton Hood is an attorney-at-law and served as Attorney General during the 2013-18 period in government of the New National Party of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell)

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