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Strange flights and strange waters: Problems for Grenada – Part II

In Grenada, our only ‘benefit’ for all this trouble seems to be a strange, persistent heat and odd rain and cloud behaviours – our salvation from climate change, I suppose. I’ve observed these planes’ frequent, often unrecorded, trips over us since early 2022 (and the subsequent haze), but I had captured an image of these grid-like chemtrails on February 17, 2016, without knowing what was happening. I just thought then, it was a cool shot (see photo).

Look at your plants and their frequency of disease or death; the deposits on your car as when the St. Vincent’s volcano erupted; waking up to darkened chemical-loaded skies from a spraying of dangerous aerosols, and mucous troubling your throat and sinuses; maybe check hospital stats on increased asthma attacks.

General debility and depressed immunity seem more common. This is our reality but not for long. It is also the reality of many countries of the world except a certain Asian country. How can this be allowed?

Interestingly, the only nation notably exempt from this global geoengineering campaign is China, whose leader calls Bill Gates an ‘old friend.’ But the air pollution in China is so bad already, due, in part, to their common use of coal burning for electricity, that perhaps the SAI programme can’t make their air quality any worse than it already is, given that life-threatening smog blankets much of their skies.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-founder, Melinda Gates, said in an interview with 60 Minutes in 2010: “…Bill and me asked ourselves the same hard-nosed question you asked, which was: if you get into this work and you start to save these children, will women just keep overpopulating the world?”

And a quote from Bill Gates from that same year: “First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10% or 15%.”

Make of these words what you will, but the point is that the people funding a programme that just happens to be detrimental to humanity, tend to think that there’s a bit too many human beings on the planet.

Of course, anti-human programmes have the Communist United Nations’ full support. For they too parrot it: there are too many people alive. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (Former Secretary-General of the Portuguese Socialist party) personally selected 25-year-old Ayisha Siddiqa as one of his Climate Advisors last year, a person who believes that the cause of climate change are human beings, white people, specifically, and ‘capitalism’; a system that these problematic human beings implement.

The solution, then, I suppose for all of this trouble is the greatest population-reducing system known to man – i.e. the ideological enemy of humanity – Communism. It seems to be the solution to everything these days.

Bill Gates also praised Communist China’s efforts in setting “a good example for the world,” and Guterres, Ghebreyesus (WHO head), Schwab (WEF head), and many of the people and organisations purporting to have all the solutions to the problems of our world today say the same thing in one way or another.

Perhaps they have forgotten the tens of millions of their own people the Chinese have intentionally slaughtered or starved to death, or, perhaps, it is because they know it all too well that they praise the diabolical system and government that run that country. We pray for change to come for the Chinese people, the victims.

Because so much harm has been done to humanity in recent history, with seemingly little accountability, unscrupulous corporations, governments and pilots, haters of mankind, think we have no power to change the game where the only winners are them.

Some observers say military pilots fly many of the planes that aerosolise our skies. How much does one have to be bribed to do this legal/approved crime against humanity and say it’s necessary to fight Climate Change? Follow the money! Who appointed you keeper of the climate? Do you know who keeps the climate, summer and winter, heat and cold, do you?

In the virtual absence of decent journalism, the so-called conspiracy theorists turn out to be the truth tellers. CNN and other media have called what’s happening in plain sight above our heads, a hoax told by conspirators. They say chemtrails are a hoax, they do not exist; yet promote Bill Gates ‘geoengineering’ operations as if they’re not the same thing.

Strange waters
Are the Chinese in our waters?

Have you noticed numerous, perhaps even a dozen, fishing trawlers that appeared out of nowhere, and stayed for several weeks just outside (the formerly) Lexus Inn/Fall Edge, Grand Anse? Many of them appeared to be in disrepair, and there seemed to be hardly anyone on board, yet one day, they all disappeared, except one.

Communist China’s influence is not restricted to monetary gifts to our beggarly Grenada government, but China is spreading that influence by sea, through what is called their Maritime Militia – the largest fishing fleet in the world, which just happens to be a branch of their military, often posturing as private citizen fishermen.

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According to the Role and Impact of China on World Fisheries and Aquaculture Study by European Parliament, 2022, the Chinese even fly false flags, pretending to be from other nations. In Grenada I notice they fly none.

This known, aggressive armada helps assert territorial domination all over the world, particularly in a very important sea lane and trading route which passes through the Caribbean Sea into the Panama Canal.

The southern states of the Caribbean closest to South America are particularly important to keeping tabs on maritime trade in the area and their plan to control the sea trade there. It is also a convenient, comfortable distance from the United States that allows them to not appear confrontational to the U.S. mainland.

For these reasons, Grenada is super important, as are Trinidad and Barbados, with which they are making very good friends. South America cannot be counted on for support, so our island chain is the most important back up, they think.

China is well practised in stealing fish and other seafood: their fishing fleet is more omnipresent in the South China Sea, which is among the most hotly contested regions in the world, with competing historical, territorial and even moral claims from Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Aside from fishing rights, the interest in these waters stem from lucrative subsea oil and gas deposits. But above these reasons, China has a political desire for control over that region also through which a third of the world’s maritime trade flows.

In the South China Sea, the Chinese government has built artificial islands on reefs and shoals on the Spratly islands, militarising them with aircraft strips, harbours, and radar facilities.

Chinese fishing boats would swarm the zone, crowding and intimidating potential competitors, as they did in 2018, when they suddenly dispatched more than 90 fishing ships to drop anchor, within several miles of Philippines-held Thitu Island.

China’s illegal fishing in North Korea is a problem also, and they are notorious for their thievery in the territorial waters of South American, and African (west and east) nations by their Distant Water Fishing Fleet vessels.

A recent investigation by Ian Urbina, August 17, 2020, for the Yale School of the Environment Magazine ( speaks of a story he covered for NBC news. He said, “For years, no one knew why dozens of battered wooden ‘ghost boats’ – often along with corpses of North Korean fishermen whose starved bodies were reduced to skeletons – were routinely washing ashore along the coast of Japan. New satellite data, has revealed, however, what marine researchers now say is the most likely explanation: China is sending a previously invisible armada (which are invisible because they turn off their Automatic Identification System transponders) of industrial boats to illegally fish in North Korean waters, forcing out smaller North Korean boats and leading to a decline in once-abundant squid stocks of more than 70%. The North Korean fishermen washing up in Japan apparently ventured too far from shore in a vain search for squid and perished.”

At whose hands? “Chinese fishing boats are notoriously aggressive and often shadowed, even on the high seas or in other countries’ national waters, by armed Chinese Coast Guard vessels,” Urbina added.

Keep looking. You may see other fish fleecing going on in the waters outside your communities. Do you think it’s an expected price to pay for the gifts we get, while the price of fish remains high ($10/lb) and much of the supply is being taken? What next?

This is a common Chinese practice. Have you seen a much bigger, mainly blue, fishing boat a bit further out? In Grand Anse, it’s likely still there after more than a month. These refrigerated fishing boats can hold up to a year’s catch of some countries. Chinese fishers/informal navy can scoop that up in one week or in their mission of illegal fishing. This unflagged fishing vessel is likely the same or another waiting to draw in its fill.

In conclusion, keep looking at your waters and stand up for ownership of your territorial space and maritime wealth. They can only take them if you give them up without resistance. It is yours, sovereign citizens!

When your so-called strategic partner becomes your competitor in your economic zone something is wrong with that. The “we just want to help” mantra is not true. They take more than they give.

And as it concerns the messing with our climate, it behoves me to ask: could the names being bandied about and attracting flack by opponents to geoengineering, be beholden to a higher player, a handler of sorts that the wealthy Soros, Bill Gates etc are beholden to? Faces that cannot be known. And who might that be? Stay strong help is on the way.

Zarah Chase