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Spitting in the air

Yes, that is exactly how I would refer to the speech of our Prime Minister Khief on Wednesday night – “spitting in the air”. Growing up in Happy Hill the elders used to have a saying that, “you should not spit in the air because it would fall right back on your face”.

I guess Khief has not been listening to his dear mother at all or he is, “breaking stick in his ears”. What a load of nonsense from Khief! And, as usual, delivered as if he was preaching a sermon. Please Khief, the masses of people in Grenada are saying to you, in the words of one of our chief soca artistes, “Ah cyan hear”! When the things you do speak so loudly, they deafen the ears of people to what you say! Please Khief, stop spitting in the air!

Public Officers and Sacrifice
I was “front and center” of the leading group that appealed to public officers in 2013 to forego their demands for wage increase in an attempt to fix the fiscal problems that our country was facing, in light of the promises of our Prime Minister to change his ways and deal in a more apolitical way with our citizens.

PS Timothy Antoine and I spent many long hours planning and strategising. He came up with the STAR acronym as a symbol of shared sacrifice and other initiatives; public officers responded and it worked. We negotiated and we discussed an amicable solution to the pension issue and to all other vexing issues regarding fringe benefits.

Contrary to the lies now peddled by NNP activists, during the 2013 to 2017 period, there was industrial activity by the unions, but that was met with extensive dialogue and information sharing.

The fiscal legislative reform was explained thoroughly in many meetings with technicians from the Ministry of Finance, including Khief’s present concubine, and actual financial figures were shared. After 2017, after the 2018 election success, the light switch was flipped; the information promised to promote the pension discussions was not compiled or submitted; a select group of persons were paid full pension on the advice of Larry Joseph, then AG; the MOU which was signed just before the elections was ignored; industrial action was met with salary deductions; and on and on.

Now Khief is spitting in the air again and making more promises to public officers, just about the lowest paid in the OECS; in a country with one of the highest tax regimes.

When Khief talks about the public officers breaking the law is he talking about the demonstrations? Well, his Pocket Commissioner, (Police Commissioner??) has already spouted some garbage, I guess under his boss’ instigation, about lack of mask wearing and social distancing during the demonstrations. We have had no Covid cases, zero cases, for many weeks, and for months now we have had only one (1) or two (2) cases, all imported; but Khief is drunk on power and still restricts business with a curfew and then complains that the government has a shortfall in tax revenues. Duhhh!

When Khief is parading up and down playing young in the political football matches that the NNP has been organising all over the country with hundreds of mask less people where was the Pocket Commissioner? Why didn’t Khief say something then to all those people in the crowd? This is past hypocrisy! This is illegal and unlawful! This is mala fides! This is classic malfeasance or misfeasance in public office!

Stand strong, teachers and public officers! The President of the Senate, if he is able to remove his green shades, will tell you that nearly all of the benefits for the working class in Grenada came on the heels of long, hard struggle. Our governments and employers in Grenada have never been known to easily give up any ground.

Grenlec Again
Our Prime Minister Khief continues to ardently follow the Trump political play book in all his actions. Tell the same lie over and over again and many people will believe it! Khief, I have some news for you! Trump is still the single most popular political figure in the USA but he lost the last elections most handily because the masses realised that he is bad for the country.

Grenadians, as much as you may like Khief, his style, his gifts, his charisma or whatever, the undeniable fact is that he is bad for Grenada. He continues to lie; continues in his vindictive path; continues to sell out our country to foreigners, Chinese, con men, whoever can bring money; continues to make a mockery of our very heritage and identity, our passports are now selling in the same way in which you can do deals in an Indian store in St. George’s.

He truly does not care about our country, and he is ready to move on, to die, so what happens then? Wake up Grenadians and let us retire this would-be dictator! Take the gifts, take the money that he offers because, like he said about the briefcase money, “it’s our damn money, he should give us more!”

Please, Grenadians, we cannot afford to vote for this dictator anymore because his policies and plans are only short-term fixes.

Khief’s new excuse for forcing through a purchase of the WRB shares is that WRB took Grenada to arbitration. Well, Khief, was aware beforehand of what the laws of Grenada says about what was likely to happen if he changed the law. Khief was advised time and again that if he passed the ESA 2016 it would trigger an expensive repurchase event.

Khief even broke the fiscal laws of Grenada in passing the ESA 2016. Khief cost us over $34 million dollars just in fees that were associated with the arbitration. Khief knew that we did not have the money because he spent many years trying to get several entities to buy out WRB.

Despite all this, Khief still went ahead and deliberated triggered the repurchase event and now Khief is saying that he had to find the money to pay WRB or else they would have shut down Grenada’s economy! Wow! Khief, do you realise that you are admitting that either you are a fool or you think that we are fools!

Khief, you are like a little boy who is told by his parents not to open the gate or the dog will attack him; he still opens the gate and when the dog attacks him he kills the dog and says that he had to kill the dog or else the dog would have bitten him.

By the way, Khief has tried to mislead Grenadians again because WRB did not threaten nor attempt to enforce the arbitration award. WRB made a public statement to the effect that they did not want to leave Grenada. Dr. Mitchell, and his sidekick Gregory deliberately forced them out of Grenada in a most expensive way, paying way over the top for their shares.

That did not matter to them because it is not their money, it is money that belongs to all of us in Grenada and they do not care because it’s not coming out of their millions, just out of the few cents that we work hard for. Anyway, did Khief not say that he did not have to tell us where he got the money from to pay for the WRB shares?

Maybe all we have to know is that Khief used his power as Prime Minister to incur a massive debt of over $200 million for shares that should have cost not more than about $65 million. I guess that is all we need to know is that the debt is to be paid by the people of Grenada and successive generations, just to feed the ego of Khief and his sidekick.

Now this nonsense about capital and recurrent expenditure and income. We understand what Khief was trying to say but it made absolutely no sense. Let’s just get to the point! The fact is, over the last 6 years or so, both the capital and recurrent part of the budget presented by the NNP government has been mainly funded by the CBI program; the sale of our passports.

There has been no real economic plan guiding Grenada, no agriculture initiative; nothing in manufacturing; nothing new in tourism; no improvement in exports! Sell more passports! Build more hotels with the sale of passports! Make links with people to bring tourists based on their sale of our passports!

Our main asset has been our passport! That is why Dr. Ralph Gonsalves in St. Vincent continues to rub Khief the wrong way because he has consistently criticised Khief’s approach to the “development” of Grenada.

Covid Nonsense
Well of course, Grenada is one of the safest places to go in the world because we have been under a State of Emergency, a curfew and lockdown since the start of the pandemic over a year ago. I have said time and again that what Khief and company have done is no scientific or practical feat.

Their approach has been to just lock everyone away, don’t care about economic activity or how poor people will survive. They started by even banning farming and fishing, remember? Let food prices rise. Even raise the price of doing matters in court, the price for the ordinary man to get justice, because they can just blame it on the lawyers.

Make sure that you have a special “corridor” for your hotel and hospitality friends and cohorts to conduct their business, even if it means the import of Covid cases to infect us in Grenada who are in virtual cages.

The teachers who demonstrate and the Jab Jabs who played their mas broke the law, yet you have not been able to show a single infection which arose because of their actions! We are locked away in virtual cages, not able to freely do business among ourselves. We know that we have no infection in Grenada, yet we allow people to bring infection to us in the name of getting business from them.

Now Khief is bringing experimental drugs to us, drugs that the very manufacturers admit have not gone through the proper accepted testing regimen, and he encourages us to take these drugs even though we know for sure that we have no Covid infection in Grenada.

Khief says that he took the jab but it is not tested and certainly not recommended for people over 65. Khief is way over 65 so, it’s either Khief is lying or he did not take the same drug. As Prime Minister, especially a rich one, Khief has access to a full and wide range of experimental drugs, just like Trump had as President of the USA.

Now something about these drugs, they;
I. cannot prevent infection;
II. cannot prevent transmission of the virus once it is contracted;
III. contain substances that scientists have all agreed pose high risk of harm to the human body;
IV. are produced from sources that pose ethical issues for some members of our population.

And, I have not even talked as yet about the hundreds, even thousands, of people who have died after taking the jab.

Now Mr. Prime Minister, correct me if I am misquoting you, but did you not spit into the air, that certain people will not be able to hold certain jobs if they do not take the drugs, the so-called vaccines? Are you not forcing people to take those drugs? Are you not violating the rights guaranteed under the constitution of Grenada under section 13, that we must not suffer discrimination?

Khief, it is morally and ethically wrong and unlawful for you, as a person and even more so as what you call yourself, the leader of Grenada, to pressure people to violate their own body!

Keith Claudius Mitchell, it is time for you to resign because you are clearly showing your incompetence and your inability to guide our nation through this crisis. Or is it that the money flashed before you by Mr. Gates and company is causing twinkles in your eyes?

Was he not here recently (last week?) to visit you? Did he offer you several millions for the drug experiment in Grenada? He is reliably reported to have done that in other black countries before. He believes in experimentation and is an avid advocate of the concept of decreasing the population of the world.

These people all have their interest in these multibillion-dollar drug companies and make billions out of the suffering of poor people like us in Grenada. So, are you now selling us like guinea pigs to the manufacturers of these experimental drugs, forcing Grenadians to take the drugs or else they cannot qualify for certain low-paying jobs that they desperately need to survive.

What a shame! Is this what you call love of the poor people? “Everything I do, I do it for you?” Really?

We have no Covid in Grenada, Dr. Stone Khief Claudius Mitchell! Let those who want to come to Grenada take their jabs or whatever to qualify to come into our country, like in New Zealand.

Make sure that they are properly quarantined and get rid of their virus before they mix with our virus free people in Grenada. Let those of us who want to go outside of Grenada subject ourselves to whatever another country says that is needed to enter their country. That is the simple and only logical formula for us in Grenada.

Lastly, stop trying to instill fear into our hearts by suggesting that illegal immigrants are bringing Covid into Grenada or pointing the Covid finger at them. This is just another excuse that you are trying to develop.

However, I must encourage us to be watchful as Grenadians and let us be our own scouts regarding the persons who enter illegally through the small boats and otherwise.

Let us dash away from Khief, lest his spit falls into our faces and into our eyes!

(Cajeton Hood served as Attorney General from 2013 to 2018 under the New National Party government of current Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell)