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Remembering George

Tribute to Broadcasting Great, George Grant who passed away on Monday

Death is our one certain event in life’s journey. Yet, when it occurs, especially suddenly, it shakes us so deeply that we are often rendered speechless. I therefore needed a moment to somewhat collect myself to express some personal reflections on George Grant a great son of the soil who we lost way too soon on Monday morning.

George was such a good, genuine soul whose only desire was to bring accurate, credible information to the public in an unbiased and professional manner. He was persecuted by some in high places for this, but he pressed on, doing it his way.

When his radio station was forced off the air, he just moved seamlessly to online platforms exclusively, doing his thing fairly and fearlessly. His listeners followed him there. Many are unaware of his battles in Grenada for free, independent press and the overall preservation of the Fourth Estate, because he did it with such quiet dignity.

I first appeared on his popular show, “Sundays with George Grant” sometime in 2010 or 2011 as part of the then Carnival Committee. After the show we sat in his home studio for a long time just chatting about all things Grenada. From then we struck up and maintained a good friendship which lasted until his passing.

After reading one of my early articles on the proposed Constitution Reform in 2016, he called and invited me to his show to talk about it. At first I declined because at the time my intention was just to inform and educate through writing. He called again after I had published another. I decided to accept the invitation and the rest is history in terms of how he made his platform available for sharing information and educating the nation on the process. I thank him for that opportunity, because I am even more convinced now than then, that I did the right thing.

That was the nature of the man. He made his platform available, absolutely free of charge, to all, but especially to the oppressed, the underdogs and the voiceless. All those who otherwise will not be heard, because their narratives don’t mesh with the dominant forces. He did that at great personal sacrifice. His passing has created a huge vacuum that I hope will be soon filled, although no one will ever fill those big boots that were George Grant’s!

Rest In Peace George. Till we meet again.

Claudette Joseph is an attorney-at-law and the current Public Relations Officer of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)