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Questionable Palestinian envoy to the Caribbean accepted as Diplomat to Grenada

On November 10th 2022 the Government Information Service reported that Grenada has accepted the credentials of Ms. Linda Sobeh Ali to represent the ‘State’ of Palestine in Grenada. The Governor General of Grenada, Cecile La Grenade, said she is looking forward to working with the new appointee on behalf of the Crown and the Government of Grenada.

As antisemitic as Grenada under Mr. Dickon Mitchell and his bunch seem to be, as well as Dr. Mitchell and his bunch before that, it is odd that Grenada is willing to appoint rogue groups as diplomatic functionaries. We Grenadians are not supposed to see that!

The GIS reporter covering the story, Shere-Ann Noel, explained that Grenada established diplomatic relations with the ‘Palestinian state’ in 2013, then she called it the ‘country of Palestine.’ This is the first time there is such an appointee to Grenada. However, let us be reminded there is no ‘state’ of Palestine, there is no country of Palestinians.

Ms. Linda Sobeh Ali said so herself when referencing the ‘aspiration to receiving statehood.’ The name ‘Palestine’ referred to a region in the Middle East, a region in which both Jews and Arabs lived. A Palestinian, therefore (before the 1967 Six Day War), referred to both Jews and Arabs.

Prior to WW1, the land was owned by the Ottomans (modern day Turkey). It was a desolate land, according to travelogues of the day. Very few people lived there and those that did were terribly poor. The land was for all intents and purposes, uncultivated. In return for their participation in WW1, the British promised ‘a national home for the Jewish people’ (Balfour Declaration) in the British Mandate for Palestine if the Jews lent to the war effort. This promise was made in response to the calls of the Zionist movement which highlighted the region as the historical region of Biblical Israel.

But long before that, millennia ago, God called Abram out of the land of Ur of the Chaldees (Iraq) and brought him to Canaan and there promised to give him the land on which he stood. This is seen in Genesis 12, 15 and 17. The land was, at the time, inhabited by the Amorites, whom the LORD destroyed for their various sins, including child sacrifice. Ancient Israel became a nation after God liberated them from Egypt and brought them into the promised land.

According to Genesis 15:18 and Joshua 1:4, the land God gave to Israel includes everything from the Nile River in Egypt to Lebanon (South to North) and everything from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River (West to East). The Books of Joshua and Judges, among others, also show the borders of Israel and its constituent tribes in those days. Israel does not even own all this land today.

Many centuries later, the LORD declared he would destroy Israel for its wickedness and scatter them to the ends of the Earth. Therefore, following a failed battle of independence from the Roman Empire, their army was crushed, and their people scattered everywhere. But he promised them that he would bring them back to the Promised Land and make them a nation and that they will never be scattered again. Twice Israel was expelled from their land; the other time was into the Babylonian captivity.

Despite this real estate history, the modern Jews were not given a state until the British reaffirmed the Balfour Declaration to once again attract Jews to the armed services. On May 17th, 1947, Israel was granted statehood in Palestine by the UN General Assembly in Resolution 181.

On the 14th May 1948, Israel declared independence and the British withdrew from Mandatory Palestine the next day. That same year, the 5 Arab states surrounding Israel declared war on the fledgling state which had already been terrorized in the 1920’s and 1930’s by countless Arab riots in which hundreds of innocent Jews were murdered and hundreds more injured.

Since that day, Israel has fought to exist. It survived the Russian Pogroms of the 1800s; the Holocaust of the Nazis; their mass execution by the USSR including one uncovered a few days ago, on November 14, 2022, when 4 mass death pits of jews were discovered in Moldova with tens of thousands of bodies buried about 100 years ago; the countless riots spurred on by Arabic clergy like the Arab Nazi, Grand Mufti, Mohammed Amin Al-Husseini.

Israel survived the countless wars of the 20th century spurred on by antisemitic murderers and satanists like Gamal Abdel Nasser, Abdullah I, and their companions. And now, they defy the terrorists like Hamas and the PLO/Palestinian Authority. The PA is headed up by Mahmoud Abbas who pays terrorists and their families to kill Jews, under the Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund. He has more blood on his hands than a human abattoir.

That is who and what Ms. Ali is representing in Grenada, nothing less. Have we forgotten the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), established 1964, and deemed a terrorist organisation by the USA in 1987? That is the umbrella body of the PA, a sanitising euphemism for the horror of the name, PLO.

Mr. Mitchell, if you believe that the Palestinians deserve the simplistic ‘right to self-determination’, as your party predecessor leader, Mr. Tillman Thomas did, your stay at the head of affairs in our country will be much shorter than his. How would you like to have your sworn enemy establish an autonomous state in St David’s? Even if you had the iron dome, you won’t tolerate such a situation!

In addition, the Palestinians have refused the 2-state solution 5 times. Israel accepted the 2-state solution in 1936, 1947, 1967, 2000, and 2008, while the Arabs, or ‘Palestinians’ refused. In 1936, the Arabs were offered 80% of the land by the British Peel Commission, which left 20% for the Jews. Yet, the Arabs rejected it. In 2000, the Israelis had offered the PLO all of Gaza, 94% of the West Bank (Judaea and Samaria), and East Jerusalem for their capital, that was rejected too.

In 2005, Israel left the Gaza strip unilaterally, expecting the Palestinians to make a state for themselves in the region. They didn’t develop the territory as was expected, and instead turned Gaza into a terrorist base from which they fire rockets into Israel. In 2008, Israel again offered land, more than had been proposed in the 2000 offer. This had been presented to Mahmoud Abbas, the current ‘President’ of Palestine, and rejected; yet he insists Israel is the party that does not want peace.

In the 1967 Arab League Summit, the Arabs issued their ‘Three Nos’: no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel, and have stood faithfully by them. You cannot have peace with a nation you do not want to exist. Ms. Ali must know she cannot rewrite history and hope that ignorant local and Caribbean audiences will give her a free pass.

It seems that the ‘Ambassador’ is on a Caribbean blitz being appointed ambassador extraordinaire and plenipotentiary to the Caribbean. Is Caricom asleep? I have not seen anything on their website that gives Ms. Ali legitimacy to the Caribbean, but the 2-state rhetoric is there.

Why would Ms./Dr./Her Excellency promise Guyana advances in agriculture, citing ‘Palestine’s strong background in agriculture’ when they have no nation to show their agronomical expertise? How could she say that ‘Palestine is always competing with other countries in Asia to be ahead in agricultural advances’ when Gaza is a dystopian ghost town?

She very well knows Israel is an agricultural wonder, turning deserts into gardens, and all-in-all showing mastery of technology that is nothing short of miraculous. Perhaps the ‘strong background in agriculture’ she’s referencing are the acts of terror where the trees planted by Israelis are uprooted and burnt.

Who are you, madam? Can you be an ambassador when you do not represent a sovereign state? And what are you really doing here? We have nothing to gain from a non-existent nation, least of all to learn the warmongering ways of your region.

What were the antisemitic comments that had you run out of Canada in 2011? If these are the same sentiments you wish to impart onto the Caribbean, it would do you well to be reminded to not drag us into your war for terrorism. If your apology to the Canadian government was genuine, why are you bent on spewing the same venom that got you reported to the PA and removed from Ottawa? Why do you repeat your ‘serious transgression’ as your actions were called by Foreign Affairs spokesman, Chris Day?

Sobeh says she is a peace advocate. She is using the Caribbean to mobilise support against Israel, and this is not ambassadorial. This is warmongering. What kind of job is that? Who designed this assignment, and why call yourself ambassador? The Caribbean is not at her behest. She is a Palestinian solidarity activist, not an ambassador.

She says Guyana stands to benefit heavily from a number of projects and investments in the sector. Guyana you err on since the dispensation of Jim Jones. Don’t white wash darkness!

Ms. Ali knows Palestinians in general do not want land; they want war and the annihilation of Israel. All around them are Arab nations, 7 in the region and 22 nations total, but they vow to have Israel’s land—the only democracy and Jewish State in the Middle East.

By the way, not all Arabs hate Jews, and Jews and Arab minorities have lived and worked together in communities in Israel for many years. Today, the Arab population of Israel is in fact 21%; a total of nearly 2 million people out of the 9 million (Israel Democracy Institute, 2021 statistics).

It is a sin for rulers to work wickedness and if backing the sworn enemy of God’s people is not wickedness, then nothing is. The Palestinian Authority is driven by the same force that drove Nazi Germany and the USSR – Satan. To bring these murderous Jew haters into diplomatic relationship with this nation again under the guise of peace is a betrayal of the Grenadian people and of God himself. A sin for which those responsible shall reap a due harvest. If the LORD is willing to punish his own people for rebellion, then you must expect no less for yours. For the LORD hates injustice.

The majority of Palestinians do not want peace, but as wild asses they lust after conflict, raising their hand against their own kin (Genesis 16:12). Jews are the descendants of Isaac (The son God promised to Abraham). He was the brother of Ishmael, whom Abraham had with his maidservant, Hagar. The Jews and Arabs are cousins.

The scripture above tells us these Arabs do not seek peace, yet we, as a self-proclaimed ‘Christian Nation’ choose to rally against God’s people. Israel has biblical, historical, and political (war) claim to its land. To ally with their enemies is a treasonous act that must be swiftly undone. Grenada needs freedom. Not bondage. We already had our ‘communist trap’ according to Alister Hughes, deceased.

As you do to Israel it will be done to you, is God’s warning to all nations. Where are the Third Reich, Ottoman empire, or the Roman and Babylonian empires that conquered Israel, or the British Empire that have wronged Israel?

Grenada claims the partnership with the Palestinians is of global and strategic importance. Can someone explain what these are? Yes, Dame Cecile, we heard your carelessness, you are not innocent nor unaccountable either.

The alarm has been sounded!

Zarah A. Chase M.A. International Communications and Development, U.K