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Quarantine island

Many of us in Grenada have been to the place that we refer to as Quarantine Point. We have visited the location over the years, just to relax or maybe to attend an organized social event.

I am sure that a great percentage of our population is unaware of the obvious reason why that name was given to the location. Yes, I have been informed that many years ago the location was used to quarantine persons who had contracted communicable diseases.

One would have thought that with all the advances in medicine that there was some strategy in place, other than a quarantine, to treat persons who have an infectious disease like Covid19.

Quite sadly though, it seems that, even after about 18 months of a declared State of Emergency in Grenada and all the curfews, Khief and his NNP administration have put no structure in place to help the ordinary Grenadian citizen or resident who may become infected by the virus.

Except to promote that every person should take the recommended experimental Covid19 jabs (it is not a vaccine), and encourage business places to implement a mandatory Covid19 jab policy, no treatment or proper strategy has been promoted.

The illogical plan is to just test persons who exhibit symptoms of Covid19 and quarantine those who return a positive result. So, it is either you become a guinea pig and be a part of this experiment on human beings with a harmful injection, or depend on your natural immunity to recover if you become infected.

The only plan being implemented in Grenada for Covid19 is quarantine. Grenada is now simply a quarantine island.

I have heard no local so-called medical expert speak anything about any drug or other treatment, whether preventative, prophylactic or remedial, for Covid19.

Khief and his gang have passed laws restricting ordinary citizens of Grenada from the enjoyment of our natural and fundamental rights, with no obvious correlation between those restrictions and the danger faced.

For example, Khief and his gang are unable to respond to the following regarding Covid19:

I. How does the imposition of a curfew affect the risk of contracting or transmitting the Covid19 virus?

II. How does the playing of amplified music affect the risk of contracting or transmitting the Covid19 virus?

III. Why is no representative of the government advising persons of the risks or side effects associated with the Covid19 injections? (This is the normal practice in civilized countries where a particular medical treatment is being advertised).

IV. Who is responsible for any loss or damage to a person which may result from administering the Covid19 injections? (Did Khief and his gang tell you that to receive the Covid jabs they had to give the makers of the jab immunity from any claim for damages which may result from taking the jab?)

The inability or reluctance of Khief and his gang to deal objectively with this situation, which they have stated to the nation to be an emergency situation, just shows how arbitrarily, negligently or carelessly, and incompetently this NNP administration has been operating.

It is fair to say that Khief and his gang have put more money into debushing for a few months than they have put into agriculture for the year or into this same Covid crisis!

We have developed no capacity locally to teach our people how to improve or maintain their natural immunity, and we have not even attempted to do so. As a nation we have availed ourselves of little or no information concerning the possible use of reagents or drugs that might be able to assist a person who has begun to show the first symptoms of the Covid19 virus.

We have developed no national capacity to effectively control or contain an outbreak of Covid19 even though we are almost 2 years into this pandemic, and the ordinary citizen is left to depend only on prayer and good luck. Where is the bold Dr. Keith Claudius Mitchell who has declared repeatedly that he is the only person who is fit to “run Grenada”?

Isn’t this the same person who allegedly was based on a battleship while Grenada was in throes and agony of Hurricane Ivan? Now, right after putting the country under a curfew from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m., caused by an outbreak which stems from ineffective protocol against the Covid19 virus, I understand that Khief has abandoned the country to spend weeks in luxury in the United States looking after his “medicals”!

The country that he has run into this sick state, in terms of physical and economic health, is now in its worst state for many years and he has “abandoned the ship” that seems to be sinking.

The saying is that rats abandon a sinking ship! Khief has left the quarantine island that he has created to seek after his own health, so it seems to be “every man for himself”!

What about the people that he claims that he loves so much? I guess that he is angry with his people because they have not rushed to take the experimental injection that he is promoting for personal gain, and become just another unit in the global statistics.

I guess that he is pouting mad at his people for defying his orders not to play mas for 2 consecutive years. Well, Khief, the people cannot all entertain Steven Segal, the Gates and other celebrities, drink fine wine and enjoy exquisite food while listening to relaxing music!

All they can afford is to black up and jump up under a strong rum, beers and soca music.

This nonsense coming from the mouth of a well-educated man like Minister Steele just shows this NNP regime utterly lacks any appreciation of the principles of proper leadership.

Imagine that the individual minister, to whom the Cabinet gives massive discretion in implementing its Covid regulations, simply flaunts the very regulations over which he presides in plain view of the public, and simply says, he will pay the paltry $500.00.

Nicky is singing soca, “Ah go pay, Ah go pay!” He has publicly admitted to breaking the very law over which he presides! Steele should resign as well as the Cabinet who has placed him in charge!

What about the example being set? What about the other violations that the public does not notice? Is this not just a statement by the Cabinet that the law is for others and not for them?

Now, they have their scapegoat; the jab jab! Is the jab dat cause the outbreak.

Well, let’s examine that a bit! Why was there no outbreak in 2020 when people played their jab? Let’s look at what has changed between 2020 and 2021.

We now have many SGU students; we now have many more hotel guests; we now have many more expatriates (JCB’S) in Grenada for the August.

Minister of Health Steele, your statement that the virus was spread by Carnival is nonsensical, deceptive and rather dotish!

A virus must first be present before it can be spread and before carnival your ministry published to Grenada and the world that there were no cases in Grenada!

So where did they come from to be spread by Carnival? Much more, it is now accepted as a scientific fact that the injections that Khief has been promoting that Grenadians should take cannot stop a person from contracting or transmitting the Covid19 virus!

Doctors are all saying that the most effective defence against the virus is to have your immune system operating as robustly as possible. So why doesn’t the Minister of Health and his boss Khief spend some time and some of the debushing money telling Grenadians how to strengthen their immune systems?

Khief must stop playing games and admit that his virus policy, if that’s what it has been, is a total failure.

Grenada has been shut down and locked down for about a year and a half with quarantine being the only policy in place. Grenada is simply Quarantine Island.

After Khief has received all of the latest experimental and other treatment available in the USA for the Covid virus that his fortune earned on the backs of poor Grenadian people can afford him, and after he has organized some more election money from his contacts, he will return to Grenada, hopefully after this latest virus crisis has subsided, and simply carry on as usual.

He will simply carry on with the next item on his agenda; setting a date for the next general elections and buying as many votes as possible with gifts financed by his international associates, to secure another victory at the polls.

All of Grenada will be under a State of Emergency, cannot gather together in crowds, must run home before 9 o’clock like some little child, cannot even enjoy soca music, while his people will receive waivers from his Pocket Commissioner and gather as they wish, to plan, organize and mobilize. We are all in a quarantine island except for Khief and company.

Cajeton Hood is an attorney-at-law who served as Attorney General during the 2013-18 period in government of the New National Party of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell