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Project Grenada – Abandoned

Yes, I was one of the several persons who were enlisted during the 2012-13 period as part of the so-called Project Grenada appeal which was put together by Khief, Dr. Keith C. Mitchell, using the pitch that he had “made mistakes and now wished for a Unity Government which had the main aim of rebuilding Grenada”.

Needless to say, it was all a great lie, a great hoax, simply designed to create an appearance in order to win another election. I was soon to realise that nothing had changed with Khief; he was the same vindictive, greedy, wannabe dictator with a commitment to associations with shady characters and willing to gamble with questionable transactions.

The goal of bringing capable Grenadians together to advance the interests of Grenada under some well thought out and articulated plan was never intended. The NNP team has shed its covering skin or, as an iguana, the camouflage colour of Project Grenada. Project Grenada has been abandoned.

However, together with the abandonment of Project Grenada has come an abandonment of several needful things, proposals and initiatives which constituted the mandate from the people of Grenada.

I firmly believe that the failure of Khief and company to deliver on their election manifesto plans and proposals can only be properly interpreted as a complete departure from the basis upon which they were elected to office. In 2013 they said they would deliver! In 2018 they begged for more time to deliver! Now they have ditched the plans and are in full panic mode in the face of ongoing challenges to Grenada.

Vision 2030 Proposals – ABANDONED!
Oil and Gas Development – ABANDONED!
National Health Care Plan – ABANDONED!
Agriculture Development Initiative – ABANDONED!
Western Main Road Development – ABANDONED!

The above are only a few items of the Project Grenada plan that have been abandoned.

  1. Khief is blaming individuals for the failure to implement the so-called 2030 plans, just as he is still seeking persons to “share the licks” with him in the Marketing Board fiasco.
  2. “Mum is the word” on Oil and gas, after he announced on the campaign trail that, “the economy would be booming and we can’t let Nazim spend the money”.
  3. Health is wealth but we do not even have basic medication in our hospitals and health care facilities; and the whole nation is now running scared because of Covid.
  4. Abandoning agriculture is much less of a surprise because Khief declared publicly that the pursuit of agriculture caused his father to die in a poor state. What an ignorant, totally foolish and ill-informed leader!
  5. Well, when even the “staple of the NNP diet” which is road construction and maintenance, has fallen apart, it speaks volumes about what is happening in Grenada under the NNP administration. We are now forced to travel on one-way streets on one of our main causeways. What a shame!

I have been schooled in the philosophy that leaders are born for, and even more necessary in hard times, but Khief has shown himself to be a coward and has consistently run away to hide whenever Grenada is faced with a real challenge. Hurricane Ivan showed him up and now Covid is showing him up again.

Where is Khief, now that Grenada needs him the most? The one who proclaimed that he is so strong and virile and wants to reproduce at age 75; and is able to “do things better than many who are younger than him”, has abandoned the country that he says “he is the only person who can run it”!

The coward has run away from the country, claiming that he has to do his “health checks” at the exact time when all of Grenada is being locked away under a State of Emergency since about a year and a half now. It is a State of Emergency that he himself has advised the Governor General was necessary on account of an ongoing health crisis.

This State of Emergency was maintained even when Grenada recorded no Covid cases and now that the population is facing “Covid Fatigue” a real emergency emerges and the “screws are tightened” afresh. New and stricter Executive Orders that he has implemented came into force just hours before he ran away from Grenada!

He had full knowledge of the state of affairs and chose to fly away to safety and leave us locked away under those orders. Now I am reading a post, allegedly from Khief’s own Minister of Legal Affairs where she is telling all and sundry to stay away from Grenada because we registered 104 new Covid cases on Monday!

Have we told our people not to travel to the USA or to the United Kingdom? 656,482 persons have been reported as having died in the USA (89 already for yesterday as at 11;30 a.m.), and 132,485 in the UK from Covid-19. Russia reported 795 deaths already yesterday and yet our Minister of Health is pictured, proudly posing in a mask less group with a resident of Russia.

Poor people are now “between a rock and a hard place”! Either you take an experimental vaccine or trust in God, fate or whatever you believe in! Project Grenada has been abandoned!

These are the people that we have elected and put into Parliament and into Cabinet to rule our country and our lives and that of our families! These are the people who are coercing and even forcing us to accept an experimental injection, the side effects or other likely damage to our lives or our future generation of which no one will accept liability!

Not even the manufacturers, who receive billions to make the shots available, are willing to accept liability for the injections, but the poor and dependent Grenadians must line up to take the injections or else lose the jobs that they need to feed their families! Is this the reason why we elected this bunch of empty-headed robots into office?

Didn’t each of them take an oath to defend the Constitution of Grenada and our rights which flow from that same Constitution? Are they saying that it is for the common good to forget the likely negative effect on our people and run scared of a virus with a reported world mortality rate of 2%?

There have been more injection doses for Covid administered in the United States, about 369.6 million (mostly of the experimental mRNA type), than its entire population and yet about 1,000 people are still reported as dying per day in that country.

Isn’t it odd that we have been quick to depend on the Chinese for money for our airport, for CBI and other economic projects and we do not appear to have engaged them on a virus that the western world claims to have emanated from China and has been well controlled by the Chinese in their own country?

India took the unprecedented step of making a certain drug available to its adult population and there was a subsequent rapid decline in reported Covid infections and deaths. I am not saying that the result was because of the use of the drug, but I am saying that India did something to try to address their situation other than the country-wide lockdown technique which comes from the Middle Ages.

Project Grenada has been abandoned for “Project Money”! “Project Free Money”! Whether the money is obtained in briefcase, paper bags, suitcases, “legally” obtained under contract “side cuts”, or otherwise.

Khief and company will be coming again just now with their big plans and big schemes just to get you to trust them and vote for them again. Remind them of the Covid crisis and how they have locked you down and forced you to spend hundreds of dollars just for one test.

When they talk about God, remind them of how they trampled upon your religious values just to force you to take an experimental jab. Ask them who is responsible for mashing up the Western Main Road and making us pass through the bush!

Ask them about all the passport sales CBI scandals and how we have to waste more of our hard-earned millions to pay off the Jew for the fall out with Khief, after the hundreds of millions we had to give WRB who fall out with Khief again! Project Grenada!

Our nation is like a dog that is going around and around, trying to catch its own tail! But we are really “catching we tail” in Grenada! Khief, for the good of us all, please take your team, your schemes, your dreams, together with your “ole talk” about Project Grenada and go! You don’t have a clue!

Cajeton Hood is an attorney-at-law who served as Attorney General during the 2013-18 period in government of the New National Party of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell