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Our Party Leader is focused on a new dispensation for Grenada

Greetings to my fellow Citizens, whether at home in Grenada, Carriacou or Petite Martinique or abroad; and a very special greeting to the young people of Grenada.

Three weeks ago I was given the honour of being placed at the helm of the Political Leadership of The National Democratic Congress with a clear mandate to advance and strengthen our Political Party for service to the Grenadian people. I feel deeply privileged to lead this party and it is my intention to keep us focused upward and onward in a “New Dispensation” for our country.

Our party is about people development and positive attitudes, about building on peoples giftedness and talents, and avoiding the constant criticisms of people and the tearing down attitudes of some of our Grenadians. Putting people first remains our motto and our commitment to national Development.

I speak to you with every believers confidence that the wisdom of leadership comes from God, and the strength to build the nation comes from God. The opportunity to lead comes from the people! Leadership for me is about service, about respect for the people we serve, about listening to people, about the empowering of others to be the best that they could be! Leadership is about togetherness and building community and letting people’s opinions be freely expressed through the democratic process.

Our families need the best provision we can make! All classes of citizens deserve the best environment in which to pursue their important interests, assured of the protection of their rights and freedoms. I am convinced that our young people deserve the best support and opportunities that we can offer, allowing them to dream, and the chance to make that dream a reality!

I declare that my leadership promise and purpose is for the welfare and prosperity of all the Grenadian people and my vision is for a better place for our young people.

I stand on respect for everyone.

In the pursuit of the development of Grenada, I will rely on strong partnerships with the Business Community, Investors, civil society groups, small entrepreneurs, Farmers, Fishermen, vendors and the working people as a whole.

The good things we want for Grenada will not come if we are a divided nation or if we are swimming in a pool of Corruption! (Giving supporters of one side only, housing, materials, scholarships, road jobs and leaving out others divides our nation). Instead it requires us working together with prudence, sacrifice and with patriotic fervor, and in ‘Harmony with each other’.

We must return to the values that we have held dear for our country – responsible driving on the nation’s roads, caring about people, good attitudes to work, looking out for the elderly and the vulnerable. Everything is not about instant money.

In the period ahead you can expect us to knock on your door wherever you may be. When you hear our knock please know that our desire is to establish, and thereafter sustain, a good quality relationship. I look forward to your sharing and advice and encouragement.

Going forward, my duty as leader is to INSPIRE all the people to believe and hope that we can build a better Grenada; my RESOLVE as a leader is to uphold parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, good governance and accountability; my LEADERSHIP POSTURE is that of open arms; my COMMITMENT is service to the nation.

I look forward to your support in various ways as we come together to move this nation forward; most of all I look forward to you knowing me well as a friend, neighbour, citizen and especially as a STRONG, CAPABLE, INSPIRATIONAL and TRUSTWORTHY LEADER of the people. A woman with a heart for people.

(The above was submitted by the main opposition National Democratic Congress)