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“In the fullness of time”

Mr. Leo Forde
Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project

April 27th, 2019

Dear Leo,

Re: Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project

I am trying to figure out your motive for e-mailing me. WHY have you picked me and included me on your list of important personages which includes two government ministers and the Executive Officer of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Unit?

Leo, I am an uncompromising opponent of the Citizenship by Investment Programme run by the Government of Grenada and the rest of the OECS. It demeans citizenship! I consider the CBI in our region a CROOKED programme which attracts UNSAVOURY characters. Grenada is well-known for attracting crooks who come posing as investors. It is like flies attracted to honey.

One would have thought that after our engagement with The Pirate of Prague back in 1997 when there was Grenada’s first economic citizenship programme, Grenada would have learnt its lesson. Once can be considered a mistake but our Government has made it a habit.

Leo, let me hasten to add that I am NOT making any allegations about you. I am MERELY telling you exactly how I FEEL about this programme of which it would seem that you are an aggrieved party.

Well Leo, I am an AGGRIEVED CITIZEN as I look at how my government gives away the resources of we the citizens to all sorts of questionable ventures and/or characters in the name of development, jobs, love and caring for we the people.

And it is we the people who ALWAYS end up holding the shitty end of the stick, including the damage to our international reputation. Perhaps, Leo, you are holding it along with us at this time? Have you participated in handing us this shitty stick?

Leo, permit me to also note that there is also a copy and paste version of the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture project, the Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture Project. How is it going in Antigua?

(1). Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project Zero-Water Exchange Sustainable Organic Shrimp Farm:

When the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture project was launched in February 2017, it fell below my radar. When I became aware that a shrimp farm project had been launched on the former site of a FAILED poultry project, I was rather confused. Quite sometime before the launch took place, I had checked out the websites of both Antigua and Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture and I had not seen any mention of freshwater shrimp farming in respect of Grenada or Antigua.

There was some information about A Better Way to Produce Seafood – high tech shrimp farming and fish farming out in the sea. About six months later when the media reported that nothing was going on at the project site, I had a look at the footage of the launch of the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture and I also checked out its website.

Immediately, some RED FLAGS went up.

(1). Project Launch:

How could a Member of Parliament have the launch of such a significant project and there is no member of the community on the platform? Not even to chair the proceedings!! What a SLIGHT to the PEOPLE of the community. (But perhaps this really worked out for the best after all. No well meaning, upright citizen from the community has to bear the shame as the GSA hits the fan).

And when the international passport seller delivered his vote of thanks and ended with “in the words of the late great Maurice Bishop, forward ever”, I was so offended. He was obviously trying to play on the goodwill associated with this name. I wished that I could have wiped the smirk off his face with rotten eggs!!

(2). DF Aquaculture Capital Limited(DFAC):

Leo, I checked into the credentials of the passport seller and the team.

– Passport Seller: Founder/Director of Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture, Mr. Soren Dawody, seemed be just a passport seller, an international marketing agent of the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

-Track Record of DFAC: I noted that you, Leo, were a co-founder of a company called DF Aquaculture Capital Ltd. I looked into that company and found it had been registered in the UK in 2016, just about a year before the “project launch”. It had NO track record and the only executive listed was Dawody. My heart sank. I have now noted that latest status of that company was very recently DISSOLVED via compulsory strike-off.

– Model in Sea: Another interesting thing is that there is a photo in the GSA brochure. It shows the shrimp farming model in the sea.

– Co-Founder: You, Leo, are named as the co-founder of DF Aquaculture Capital Limited, Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Ltd. and Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture Ltd.

Among your impressive credentials, Leo, are the following:-

Former Commander of NATO Special Weapons Detachment

*Owned the largest international brokerage for Clerical Medical, Scottish Amicable and Old Mutual with offices from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires.

*Founded several international insurance companies with share valuations over $300 million

*Managing Partner of a $1.4 billion US Virgin Islands Real Estate Company that was under the auspices of the USVI Economic Development Commission

Leo, I have sought in vain to find references to you in relation to these ventures. You do seem to have a penchant for being photographed, particularly with celebrities. But, as yet, I cannot find any reference to your relationship with any of the named ventures.

To me, it is quite a contradiction. One would expect someone of the caliber presented to do the necessary due diligence and “dot their i’s and cross their t’s. So what really happened there Leo? Did you let your guard down?

According to the GSA website, “former Senior FBI Special Agents  “had joined the “Advisory Board of Directors and Due Diligence and Compliance ………” What the hell happened?

(3). Zero-Water Exchange Sustainable Organic Shrimp Farm:

Leo, you know when I read the GSA brochure, I wonder who vetted the project from a technical perspective on behalf of Grenada. But those are not details that interest “our authorities”. I really wondered whether this project was a case of dazzling with brilliance or baffling with bullshit. I concluded the latter.

(4). Consultancy Services Agreement/GSA Creditor:

So many “bright” people have participated in the CHARADE of a project launch. It leads me to ask about “the money” and what was promised and to whom. Based on the Letters of Demand for payment, you have made us aware of the following:-

Leo Forde: USD6,450,000 – Consultancy Services Agreement
Gerard McKeon: USD785,000 – Consultancy Services Agreement
Dr. Tzachi Samocha: USD147,175 – Consultancy Services Agreement

Leo, your fees are phenomenal. Can you specifically advise what services you have already provided to this project, to whom and where since as far as we are aware NOTHING has happened.

(5)Enquiry into GSA:

Leo, I am not at all surprised that “egg” seems to have splattered on the face of “our authorities” in respect of the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project. It is interesting that “an enquiry” into GSA has been publicly announced. This suggests – as we would say in the Caribbean – that “water more than flour”

Our Government is seldom minded to make announcements about the Citizenship by Investment Programme except to tell us how well it is doing.

Hopefully, in the fullness of time, the TRUTH about this project will emerge and we the people will be able to make OUR judgements about the CULPABILITY of the various actors in this project including those demanding fees for services.