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Hubbards restoration project– a transformational input

Jonas Browne & Hubbards – generally referred to as Hubbards has been an outstanding Corporate Citizen of Grenada for over 200 years, and was awarded the Willie Redhead Foundation’s patrimonial award for the conservation of its historic buildings in 2002 and 2006, and remains a strong supporter in the vision of the Foundation for the conservation and enhancement of Urban St. George in its quest to restore to our Capital City, the accolate awarded to it in 1988 by the Organisation of American States (OAS) as “a monument of the wider Caribbean”.

For the past few months in 2023 the building at the corner of Young and Scotts Streets with its frontage on the Carenage – known as “Middleton House” was under repairs and restoration. This two-storey building – the property of Hubbards, was built in the 18th century in brick and stone with clay tiled roof, with an elegant courtyard with access on Young Street leading to an ornate cast iron staircase within the courtyard which gives access to the first floor, with a verandah providing a panoramic view of the Carenage.

Sometime in the recent past, it was used as Hubbards accounting department, afterwards utilised as a courthouse, then an art gallery. With the passing of time, this major historic building came into disrepair and required urgent repairs and restoration.

In the tradition of Hubbards – which recognises the aesthetic and historic value of its architectural and build heritage, and with this awareness – has continued to retain and enhance the ambiance of the historic quarter of Urban St. George, especially its historic warehouses on the Carenage.

Opportunity is taken therefore – to highly commend Hubbards on this major civic contribution to the government’s Transformational Agenda, which should be a living example for Corporate Grenada in addressing the urgent requirements of our crumbling social infrastructure, not forgetting to mention the Architect and Creative Design for and excellent job – “as we aspire, build and advance, as one people” – into the challenges of the next 50 years.

Happy Golden Jubilee – Grenada

The above reflects the views of the Willie Redhead Foundation