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Gullible Grenada

Yes, that’s exactly what we are as an overall population – Gullible.

Keith Claudius Mitchell (Khief, that’s his name and nature) is able to win our general elections time and again because, as a people, we are naive, susceptible, trusting, accepting, in other words, gullible.

Gullible people are taken for granted by manipulators who know just how to “push their buttons” and cause them to do just what the manipulators desire. Remember, my people that it is time to stand strong because the fate of our future generations in Grenada is at stake. If not for yourself, I implore you to be strong and discerning for your seed after you.

How does one expect us to fare in the international community when we have displayed before the entire world on the highest stage in our country, the highest political officer in our country acting like a gangster, issuing thinly-veiled threats and repeatedly making plainly racist remarks and comments?

I listened very carefully to Khief and on at least three occasions he referred to a citizen of Grenada as, “not looking like us”, “white” and having no right to comment on the need for change in Grenada. Khief is so very ignorant and disrespectful that he still is unable to realise that by becoming a citizen of Grenada and by accepting a person as a citizen of Grenada there are attendant rights that cannot be denied such a person.

Poor daft Khief is plainly showing his true colours for all to see that he is common, crass and uncultured, without a drop of the blood of a statesman flowing through his veins. Khief is clearly showing that the CBI program was never in his mind, about national development, but rather about how it can be used for political mileage.

Gullible Grenada, how can we continue to support this man as the face of our nation? How come there is no call by right-thinking persons, the De Allies, Duncans and Archibalds, for Khief to issue a public apology to Mr. Newfield and to Grenada and for him to demit office forthwith?

Some of us were quick to rally behind Khief and condemn the teachers in their struggle for fair treatment. Madame Governor General, as the representative of Her Majesty, why are you so silent on this matter? Madame, why have you not inquired of the members of Parliament if Keith Claudius Mitchell, in view of his offensive, insensitive and unpatriotic conduct, still carries their support?

Members of Parliament, representatives of the people of Grenada, are you saying that this is conduct condoned by the voters in your constituencies?

Honorable Speaker of the Lower House, are you so blinded by party loyalty and your need to “shine the boots” of Khief that you are unable to say to Khief on the floor of Parliament that he ought to withdraw his clearly offensive statements and tender an apology?

Why can’t we recognise that our constitution guarantees every person equal treatment irrespective of colour, race or ethnicity?

Khief has consistently and perennially dragged the name of Grenada “through the mud” over the last few decades and yet, Gullible Grenada, we still vote for him and he continues to insult us to our very faces. No leader of Grenada, even from before our independence, has had a track history that is so littered with blatant corruption and accusations of an even more heinous nature.

No Grenadian leader has willingly associated his name and the name of Grenada with more crooks, conmen and grifters, and yet, Gullible Grenada, it seems that “we like it so”! Van Brink, Resteiner, Kozeny, and many more of the so-called investors that Khief has brought to Grenada are still in jail cells while Khief gets richer and richer as time passes on and simply moves on to richer and richer “friends” like the de Savary’s (given millions of dollars’ worth of our land for $1 and turning it over and making millions, none of which went into our treasury, but into other pockets in Grenada), and his Chinese and Egyptian organisers.

All this indignant nonsense about protecting Grenada and its name is no more than a bold-faced sham. So Khief does not want another Shrimp Farm? Well, there is still no investigation and there will be none because Khief does not want any finger of blame to be pointed at him.

The Al Jazeera report stopped micrometers short of directly implicating Khief in the diplomatic passport scandal.

I ask Grenada to note, on the admission of Khief himself, that under his very own watch, our diplomatic passports have been issued arbitrarily and randomly with little or no regard for diplomacy or propriety; and you can ask Ambassador Newfield about that issue.

This additional tomfoolery about protecting the CBI is simply, undiluted hogwash! The biggest scandals in our CBI program have been the Shrimp Farm, about which no one has given any or any proper account and the Mt. Hartman Chinese development which was raised formally before the US authorities. Isn’t the same Chinese man, Liu, that was accused regarding the use of the CBI money, still a diplomatic representative of Grenada and now the Charge D’Affairs in Beijing?

Khief is following the Trump playbook by giving a horrible label to anyone of his appointees who dares to resign and speak negatively about him and his policies. Notice that Khief did not even try to answer the accusations of Newfield about unfairness at all.

He simply appealed to his base about racism and colour of skin and attacked Newfield claiming that Newfield was about to be fired. What a massive joke from a professional joker! That’s the same thing he tried to do with Dr. Patrick Antoine who resigned from his post as Caricom Ambassador. Khief wrote him a letter trying to say that he resigned because of the Marketing Board controversy.

Poor, gullible Grenada, have we lost this generation to Khief and his greedy, scheming gang or have we made the decision to stand up with our youth and protect their heritage that is clearly at risk of calamity in the near future?

In the face of all the “ole talk” from Khief and his gang, just “break stick in your ears” and look at the facts! As Ambassador Newfield has pointed out, the World Bank has pointed out that Grenada is just about the worst democracy in which to do business in the Americas! This is an unbiased expert report, the same report that Khief and his gang has used over the last decade to imply that we were doing well. Khief cannot now objectively discredit the Doing Business report!

Remember WRB and Rex that I have written so many times about! Khief and his gang have been sowing the seeds of favoritism, arbitrariness, spite and malice in Grenada’s business dealings for decades and we are now reaping the fruit of their conduct.

Gullible Grenada, why don’t we simply, reject Khief and his conmen friends, “cut our moorings”, “launch out into the deep”, and truly trust God with our future and that of our country?

I am made to understand that a grand Jury is now about to consider whether to make Donald Trump answer criminal charges for his business dealings. That would not have been possible while Trump was President. We can only truly get to the bottom of the disaster that Khief has put us in after he leaves office.

He admitted going to Switzerland on our own public time, taking money from a criminal; he claims it was approximately US$15, 000.00 while witnesses say it was more like US$1 million at least. Khief hurriedly arranged a sham inquiry in which he was not asked a single question and there was no time to get appropriate witnesses.

We need to know the truth about the briefcase and other shameful episodes in order to set the record straight and set a proper precedent for future leaders of our country!

We need a proper investigation of Khief’s use of his power as Prime Minister to promote and give favours to a young female employee in his ministry that he was “grooming” at the time, and who now literally resides in his house as his concubine and gives out orders throughout the Public Service as if she is the Prime Minister.

The Integrity Commission appointed by Khief has refused to properly delve into the issue, which sets a precedent for conduct in the Public Service and the abuse of constitutional and other powers. And, we pride ourselves as being a “Christian nation”! “Ever conscious of God” and “proud of our heritage”!

Gullible Grenada, are we just settling to be just another so-called “Banana Republic” or a “s–t hole” country, according to Donald Trump’s language? Come on Grenada, we are far better than this and we deserve better than this, even if it is just to leave a proper legacy behind for our children and their children.

Khief is now using his diplomatic appointments and his friends that he has favoured unfairly, to gather contributions for the elections that he is now trying to gauge the most advantageous timing for. He is fixing up all kinds of little back roads to dig out votes while our main roads are in a deplorable state with no proper planning involved.

Gullible Grenada, are we going to be fooled again? My view is that Khief, by his very own conduct, has disqualified himself from holding political or national office in Grenada again. So, let’s just use Khief’s sure-to-come election gifts as him offering a parting, “thank you for supporting me over the years”, and then roundly reject him and his gang when we all go out on the next polling day.

This is the only way for Grenada to dig itself out of the mess we are now in, and to chart a course for a brighter future. We have enough bright Grenadians, both young and old, in Grenada and in the Diaspora where Khief came back from, to properly govern and guide our country.

Cajeton Hood is a practicing Attorney-at-law who served as Attorney General during the 2013-18 rule of the New National Party government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell