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Goodbye, Dr. Mitchell, ba’bye

Fellow Grenadians,

Isn’t it ironic that the two biggest catastrophies in Grenada right now – the fire at Perseverance and the Moliniere Road Slippage – are taking place in St. George NW, Dr. Keith Mitchell’s constituency and he does not seem to be bothered by them?

In fact, when the matter of the Perseverance fire was raised in the Lower House of Parliament recently by the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Mitchell found the matter to be “laughable.”

Grenadians, wake up! Do you think that he would show interest in problems in other constituencies? Do you think that he cares about you and your families? I do not think that he even cares about himself or he would have been long retired because he is way past the age of retirement and now on the road to senility.

He cares only about power and remaining in office despite talking since 2004, before Hurricane Ivan, about succession planning.

Grenada has fallen behind its neighbours in development by more than 50 years in the last 20 years and this is due to poor management and bad governance.

It is time for this Prime Minister to resign, retire or disappear from the politics of our country. He wants to do it in his own time but since he works for us, the people, then we have decided that the time is NOW.

Mr. Prime Minister, you are no longer welcome. You have had your own way all along and you have overstayed your time. Go and enjoy what is left of your life in retirement. You have sent people who are much younger than you into retirement, when they were half your age.

We would all be happy to see you go but rest assured that we would never forget you. We cannot, even if we try for your name will go down in the annals of history as the longest-serving, oldest and WORST Prime Minister to have ever RULED our beloved country of Grenada.

We do not even want to hear you anymore. When you speak, what you say is nothing that appeals to us and most of the time, you are not telling the truth. Just say “ba-bye” and calmly walk out, Mr. Prime Minister. Our people will respect you for doing so, as we have lost all respect for you as Prime Minister.

Goodbye, Dr. Mitchell, ba’bye!

Valerie Thompson-Duncan

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