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Get it or go home

The stark reality of the situation in Grenada is that more and more persons are faced with the most difficult choice between employment, that is, the ability to work, eat and feed their families, and taking a vaccine. “And that no one may be able to buy or sell except him who has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:17.

I am in no way trying to be religious or to impose religious beliefs on any one, but the situation causes me to remember the above verse from the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible. This speaks to the imposition of a system where people have to choose between conforming or surviving. Needless to say, according to the teaching, if you believe in a divine creator, God, the origin of that system was not from Him.

By the way, despite the fact that several high-ranking people who are in this NNP administration or associated with the NNP, proclaim boldly that they do not believe in God or His existence, I will be rather tolerant and refrain from describing such persons in the manner by which they are described by the Bible. What a mockery it is of our values, our very Constitution, our own National Anthem, for Khief and the NNP to appoint such persons to high office! How then can these people stand and say the Lord’s prayer in public? It is an affront to the very foundations of our Constitution!

Whereas the people of Grenada –

(a) have affirmed that their nation is founded upon principles that acknowledge the fatherhood and supremacy of God and man’s duties toward his fellow man;

(c) firmly believe in the dignity of human values and that all men are endowed by the Creator with equal and in alienable rights, reason, and conscience; those rights and duties are correlatives in every social and political activity of man, and that while rights exalt individual freedom, duties express the dignity of that freedom

Our national Anthem says: “Ever conscious of God Being proud of our heritage”

It is undeniable that the vaccine is an experimental drug which is being offered with no guarantee from the manufacturer and no fault ascribed to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong with the person. These are indisputable facts! In spite of this, several businesses, with the encouragement and incentivisation of Khief and his NNP are still saying, “GET IT OR GO HOME”! “GET IT OR STARVE”! While these business places are making the acceptance of the vaccine a condition or term of the employment contract, are they at the same time accepting liability in the case where a worker becomes sick or dies?

Are these business places not just transferring all the risk away from the manufacturers and on to our poor workers? Are our unions in Grenada fast asleep while our poor workers are exploited and endangered by these policies? TAWU, GUT, GPWU, AND THE OTHERS, YOU NEED TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

A certain “indigenous institution” that survived and became established by urging our parents and grandparents to put their ”pennies” into the institution is now telling the sons and daughters of the same indigenous Grenadians to “GET IT OR GO HOME”! Then they glibly say that the alternative is to take a Covid test every week at the cost of about $350 per test, that is, $18,200 annually or $1,516.67 monthly. The average worker in Grenada does not earn this amount every month. Well, if our services are being refused because we are not vaccinated then maybe our deposits should not be accepted too if we are not vaccinated!

Khief has created a brand-new enterprise for his people, the businessmen, to make money at the expense of poor working people whose salary do not increase while the cost of living increases every month. What is the answer of Khief in all of this? This is the very same man who steered our economy away from agriculture, agricultural manufacturing and agriculture value added, because he very stupidly said that agriculture did not make his father rich.

He has steered Grenada into selling our lands to foreigners; into the hands of crooked foreign investors, Ponzi schemes, selling passports! Khief has created an economy that is most vulnerable to external shocks like this pandemic and now he is forced to sustain it by forcing people to take an experimental drug or treatment. Now all he has to promise Grenadians is a lot of “travo” work! Work in the road cleaning drains and filling up pot holes. He now calls travo, debushing! But, we know what it is; and it was the job that was scorned the most when I was growing up in Happy Hill.

In an effort to keep his economy going, Khief does not hesitate to trample our human values, our reason and our conscience! Yet, he took an oath to defend the Constitution of Grenada. That was at the heart of his Job Description as Prime Minister when he applied for the job in 1995, in 1999, in 2003, in 2008, in 2013 and then again in 2018! It is time to fire Khief for his incompetence, his deceit and his arrogance.

The Prime Minister of the nation of Barbados has shown some respect for the rule of law by proposing to:

  1. Mandate the Attorney General to submit a legal opinion on the merits of a mandatory vaccine program;
  2. Follow that up by a series of public consultations to get the views of the general public on the matter;
  3. Follow that up by passing a law in Parliament to reflect the position of the masses.

Compare the conduct of Khief!

  1. Lie and say that his government does not believe in mandatory vaccination;
  2. Encourage business places to institute mandatory vaccination;
  3. Personally, and officially promote such programs;
  4. Give monetary incentives to force people to take the experimental vaccines;
  5. Sit down in Cabinet, not Parliament, and make laws to give incentives to business places to institute mandatory vaccination.

Our Prime Minister does not care about what the majority of Grenadians, the people whom he is supposed to represent, feel about this issue. As far as he is concerned, anyone who does not agree is either stupid or does not matter at all. Where has our democracy disappeared to? This little dictator, Khief, is now reveling in his power as Prime Minister and is pushing its limits more and more every day.

The only answer to this is the resolute response of our people in Grenada. We must rise up again and show this wannabe dictator that we all matter and we want to take control of our own lives. Where is the agreement that not one of our people in Grenada would be effectively forced to be subjected to any experimental drug, medication or treatment? As we have seen time and again, promises mean nothing to Khief!

Let me make my position abundantly clear, because I do not want to be misunderstood or misquoted. As a people we must respect the individual will or choice of a person to hold his own opinion and to make his own choice, especially on matters concerning his or her own body. My decision to take this vaccine affects me as a person principally, because whether or not I take the vaccine I can still become infected and can still transmit the Covid virus.

The vaccine may assist me, in preventing me from getting very sick or dying once I get infected with the virus. However anyone tries to manipulate the information, these are the facts in a nutshell. I have deliberately avoided any reference to the nature or possible side effects of the vaccine since this is a matter of choice and probability for the individual.

The time is over for Khief, and politicians like him. Elections cannot be called soon enough for us to rid ourselves of this blight on our nation! Even high-ranking members of the NNP are coming out publicly against this man for his moral decadence, his corrupt practices, his spite, his wasteful decisions and his incompetence.

Your time is over, you Khief! So, GET IT AND GO HOME!

Cajeton Hood is an attorney-at-law by profession and served as Attorney-General during the 2013-18 period in government of the ruling New National Party of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell