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Abdication of duty

I just listened to the comments of our Prime Minister, the little Wannabe Dictator, Keith (Khief) Claud-de-a… Mitchell, and I was appalled by the callous indifference shown to the constitutional rights of the poor workers of Grenada.

These are the same people that he has shoe-horned into the hotel and hospitality sector over the decades that he has been a leader in Grenada. These are the jobs, jobs, jobs that he has repeatedly promised to the masses. I have been saying in my articles that he is callous, that he is spiteful, that he is clueless, that he has no plan for Grenada, that he has become rich while Grenada has become poor, that he does not love Grenada, and so many more things, but this message has made it so clear, that it seems that the Almighty God has now forced him to disclose his hand for all to see.

It is utterly disgusting to see our Prime Minister abdicate his duty and his oath to defend our constitution and the rights that flow from it, as he runs after and “polishes the boots” of the rich investors at the St George’s University, in the hotel sector and in the Citizen By Investment program. All that I could have said was, WOW!

One of the leading investors in the hotel sector jumped the gun and declared that all hotel workers have to be vaccinated to keep their work, Khief tried to cover this up by saying that he does not support a national vaccine mandate, but now these “money men” seem to have made him backtrack again in order for him to get funding for the next election.

Grenadians, why would you want to vote for Khief anymore when he is showing you clearly that he will do whatever these “money men” want; in short, he is showing you that voting for him simply means giving over our country to these foreign investors.

BUT, please do not panic, my people! Let him collect his elections millions! Let him give the handouts to the poor!

Take the handouts, because “is we damned money and he should give us more!”

Khief cannot force us to vote for him and his gang and Grenadians will not vote for him anymore because he has shown himself to be just a “house slave”, a boot licker for the rich whites, an oppressor of the poor, a defender of the “rights of the employer” in the words of Khief himself.

Imagine a Prime Minister going public and declaring that a worker who stands on his right not to have his body defiled has effectively lost his right to work and the employer can validly terminate that worker’s employment contract!

Where is our Attorney General in all of this? Where are our workers’ unions in all of this? Where are our patriotic Grenadians in all of this? Wake up my people! We are losing our very own heritage! We are being raped before our very eyes by Khief, his gang and his rich “partners in crime”!

Let me open your eyes!

Round 1
There has been no widespread testing, which was the accepted recommendation for the virus, to determine the level of community infection. Rather than that it was announced that we had 17 virus test kits in Grenada, yes 17, one for each Cabinet member.

The Minister of Health refused to answer a reporter’s question about how many tests had been done; he said that it was not important for us to know that. One of the doctors on Keith’s team said we know what to do, so if we catch the virus we stupid and stubborn.

Then they lied to us about doing contact tracing and having control of positive test subjects, because one such person just boarded a plane and left Grenada after testing positive. Another man was allowed to enter a “secure facility” to “hook up” with his woman, and in the special “hospitality corridor” guests were mingling with our poor local workers.

THEN, Khief’s Ministry of Health announced that we had to pay about $500.00 if we want a test. Surely, that was not catering to poor people!

Round 2
The only answer Khief now had was to lock everyone away from each other and kill the economic activities, especially of the poor people who need personal contact to survive. Imagine that the first set of regulations passed by Khief and his Cabinet, his party people, was to ban fishing and farming.

Poor people could not even go out in the sea in their boats, farmers could not even go and take care of their animals, could not even tend to their agriculture farms, could not have any avenue or place to sell their goods to feed their family. But the worse “slap in the face” was that at the same time, special provisions were made for the big grocery stores and, hotels and restaurants.

Round 3
Khief put in a State of Emergency and stated publicly that he was only prepared to lift that State of Emergency when there is a vaccine available. Maybe he had spoken to Bill and Melinda Gates already to use Grenadians as guinea pigs for their experimental programs.

In spite of the fact that the Grenadian Jabs played their mas, mostly without masks; in spite of the fact that not a single person got infected as a result; in spite of the fact that Khief and his gang have declared Grenada a Covid-free country many months ago, we still have:

(I). A State of Emergency still in force (Madame Governor General, where are you? Where is the STATE of emergency?);

(II). An oppressive curfew still in force;

(III). Now Khief, the forked tongue snake, saying that he is not forcing anyone to take the vaccine but the employer has the right to fire you if you don’t take it!

Wake up Grenada!
Even after the deaths of close to 600,000 persons have been attributed to the virus in the United States, where these investors come from, no one can force anyone to wear a mask in public, much more to take a vaccination.

Today there are over 32.5 million active cases in the United States and crowds are in sports stadiums. America realises that we need to preserve the consciences of the individual person and make a compromise between a health crisis and an economic crisis.

Khief is causing an economic crisis by his policies and then trying to use the same crisis that he has created and exacerbated as a cover for not fulfilling his financial obligations to poor people. What a tyrant, dictator and an insensitive man!

I listened to Khief’s nonsense and he seems to be totally unable to wrap his mind around the difference between a person visiting a business establishment to conduct business and a person who is employed at the said establishment through an employment contract that is protected by the Laws of Grenada that Khief and his gang passed in Parliament a few years ago.

I can choose not to do business with anyone who does not comply with my “house rules”, but that is distinct and clear from seeking to unilaterally add a term in my employment contract to force me to accept a vaccine in order to hold or to keep a job.

Grenadians, we all have a constitutional guarantee of the right to work, the right against discrimination and the right to hold our own personal beliefs and convictions. If Khief has no personal convictions then that is his affair.

Yes, Khief can surely try to pass a law in Parliament to try to make it mandatory for us to take a vaccine but that statement is just an empty bluff! To use his own favourite expression, “Don’t go there!” We both know that he will not try that!

He tried that before with his mercenary AG and had to pull back when he saw the reaction of the youths and people in general. The youths are not fooled by the bravado of Khief. They are aware of his motives and are waiting for him to call the elections. They will prefer to choose a dog before they give Khief another “X”!

Khief knows that if he tries that in Parliament that yours truly and a host of patriotic lawyers will challenge it in court and he will lose. Khief doesn’t like to lose because some stink, dirty, disrespectful and obscene language usually comes out of his mouth when he loses! (Lol! Khief, remember when you messed up the Rex acquisition by your rude speech to the owners and then tried to pin the blame on me and Dwight?)

Grenada, Khief the Iguana, is now showing his true colours to us all! He is showing clearly whose side he is on. It is surely not the side of the poor working masses in Grenada. We are not in a prison camp or an experimental facility that is run by the Gates Foundation. We have the right to choose what we put into our body and it is unlawful, unethical, shameful and unpatriotic for you as our leader to try to force us to sell our bodies for the right to feed ourselves and our families.

“Ambush in the Night”, according to Brother Bob! Khief, you have brought Grenada to hunger and when we have to get some food, our brother has got to be our enemy.

Khief, you have abdicated your sacred role as our political head. You are a traitor and has sold Grenada out to the rich foreigners! There is no Prime Minister, Premier or leader in Grenada who has acted as traitorously as you are now doing.

If you have become senile then you need to go to your retirement home in St. Mark and continue trying to prove that you still have some life remaining in you. You know exactly what I am talking about!

Please go in peace!

Cajeton Hood is a practicing Attorney-at-law who served as Attorney General during the 2013-18 rule of the New National Party government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell