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99,999 Jabs

“Grenada, the land of 100,000 Jab Jabs”, but Somebody missing! This Jab will not be taking the jab, the juke, the vaccine, especially the one that Khief and company have, and are trying to get all our people to take.

The Minister of Wealth, sorry health, says that their plan is to vaccinate the whole population by the middle of 2021. Well, that cannot happen because you will have to give a double dose to Khief who is used to taking his multitude of pharmaceutical extractions to keep him “doing things better that people who are younger than he is”.

What a buffoon! A man who is way past his “three score and ten”, not being grateful to God, but being boastful! (I hear that he could have killed the professionals at SAMS very recently because one of his grand medical plans failed. Psst, Khief, these things are blessings from the Lord, not bought by money or favour).

The sage says that, “ignorance is the root of misfortune”. We have also heard and know that, “knowledge is power”. Our leaders know these sayings very well and they have been using these principles very well as they battle for the control of the simple-minded members of our nation. Our leaders carefully monitor, manipulate and control what they publish, so if you are lazy and trusting then you fall into their trap.

However, in this information age where we have access to what is happening all over the world, at our fingertips, through a smartphone, we have no excuse. I urge our people, especially our youth, to use what is available to us, not just to look at fashion, listen to music and exchange messages, but to educate ourselves as fully as possible.

Look at these FACTS
Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, and one of the most informed and respected world leaders announced publicly last week that she will not take the Astra Zeneca (AZ) vaccine that Khief and company want to force upon Grenadians because she is too old. She is now 66 years of age.

2.The official Canadian Centre for Disease Control has published that the same vaccine is not recommended for people over 65 years of age!

3.The South African government has sent back all of the AZ vaccines because they have found it not to be effective enough on the strain of the virus in South Africa.

4.We do not know what strain of the virus we had, have or will have in Grenada. We do not have the capacity to do that type of testing in Grenada and we need weeks to get those types of results.

5.The AZ vaccine has only been tested on a very small sample of people over 65 years of age and almost exclusively on Caucasian (white) people.

6.This virus seems to affect “people of colour” differently to Caucasians and the AZ vaccine has not been tested extensively or at all on people of our ethnic origin.

7.You can attempt to ban me from doing certain things if I don’t take the jab (vaccine), but you cannot force me to take it!

8. These so-called vaccines, if we are to follow the United States protocols for such treatments, have only been given Emergency Use Authorisation. This means that the usual checks and balances have been overridden because a case of emergency has been made out. That is, there are no guarantees, no liabilitiy, no promises; so, take your chances!

Tell us the TRUTH
So then if the leaders of our administration in Grenada do not know they have a duty to find out; they must give our people the answer to the following questions:

Can you deny or confirm whether the AZ vaccine contains or was manufactured using parts of aborted human fetuses?

2.Can you confirm or deny whether the manufacture of the AZ virus involved the use of viruses from the chimpanzee, and if so what is the extent and effect of such usage?

3.Can you confirm or deny the presence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) in the AZ vaccine?

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4.Can you confirm or deny the presence of substances in the AZ vaccine that have been identified by scientists as being carcinogens, that is, substances that may or are likely to cause or increase the risk of the development of cancer in the human body?

5.Given that the AZ vaccine has not been tested extensively or at all on black people, is it not fair to conclude that the supply of the “free’ AZ vaccines are meant, by the manufacturers of the AZ vaccine, to be a live test on our people? (Aren’t we just 99,999 “guinea pigs”?)

6.Has there been any agreement between our administration and the manufacturers of the AZ vaccine or their agents, to give monetary grants to Grenada in exchange for the receipt of, or on account of their receipt of the AZ vaccines?

7. Given the fact that up to about 3 days ago the government has said that there are no active cases of any strain of the coronavirus in Grenada, why then is there any need or urgency to administer the AZ vaccine to our people, especially our elderly?

8.If something goes wrong with Khief if he takes the jab, or if he gets sick, can’t he personally afford to fly out with a private jet to any part of the world, and would he not be afforded the best, and even experimental scientific treatment available, as a Head of Government; just as was the case with President Trump?

I am not a medical doctor but I am able to read and understand well enough and I have been reading up diligently on this virus for more than a year now. I have also been following up very carefully upon the various ranges of strategies employed by different governments to combat the spread of the virus in light of the need to balance such efforts with their effect on the overall economy.

My conclusion is that our approach has been rather one-sided, reactionary, misinformed, born out of panic, and unscientific, with a dismal failure to properly map out a balanced course of action.

My intention in this article is not to influence any person one way or another, but it is only intended to ask our people to apply their common sense and make an informed judgment based on scientific information. This must be so because viral treatment is not in the realm of politics or economics, but rather in medicine and science. How we apply the science and how we balance that with the economy is for the politicians. Our people deserve to know the truth and not be led down a blind alley.

We have seen the chaos that the USA is struggling to escape from in the wake of the massive misinformation and conspiracy theories spread by and on behalf of their last President. It is only after our current Prime Minister leaves office we will truly know the extent of his mark on Grenada. In passing, the former President of France was last week sentenced to serve a period in custody on account of his deeds committed while in office.

Fellow Grenadians, by my articles, I am simply trying to objectively perform my patriotic duty to our dear homeland, so please read in an objective manner and do not be blinded by your political choice. I accept the wisdom of mother who always used to say that, “2 things you must never argue about is religion and politics, because they are centered on a person’s belief”.

All I can say for sure is that, based on all that I know, dis Jab ‘ent taking no jab! So Khief and company, please get only 999,999 doses of the vaccine, one less. And while you are at it, keep subtracting because, please tell the Minister of Education to make sure that they stay clear of my daughter who attends the St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George’s.

Cajeton Hood is a practicing Attorney-at-law who served as Attorney General during the 2013-18 rule of the New National Party government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell