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October 2, 2020


 Notice of request for bid of Firms or consultants to Conduct Rehabilitation and Restoration Work along the coastal areas of the town of Gouyave.

Project name: Building Community Resilience and Ecosystem Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Selected Communities along the West Coast in Grenada.

Grenada Community Development Agency – (GRENCODA) is an indigenous non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental development Agency committed to the development of Grenada’s rural communities. The Agency started in 1985, and was formally registered as a non-profit organization under the Grenada Companies Ordinance January 13th, 1986. The registered office is located on Lower Depradine Street in Gouyave in the Parish of St. John – one of the rural parishes located on the West Coast of Grenada. The Agency exists “to provide guidance and support to rural individuals, families and communities to improve their quality of life. It does this by encouraging people’s participation in community based initiatives, which will build self-reliance particularly among small farmers, low-income workers, women and youth.” The mission is grounded in a philosophy of gender equity and sustainable development that is inclusive and participatory.

The main activities include, inter alia:

To conduct rehabilitation and restoration work along the coastal areas of the town of Gouyave. Perform a coastal area site assessment and preparation, removal and disposal plan, then follow-through with the removal of hazardous debris underwater and along the beach and coastal zone. A final report with a stakeholder presentation will be made at completion.

After pre-qualification and other tendering formalities, the job is planned to be awarded by Monday 5th November 2020 for commencement of works by Monday 12th November 2020. GRENCODA invites interested firms or consultants experienced in Marine Salvage, Coastal Engineering, Ecology, Fisheries or related background to collect the Terms of Reference Document, free of cost, by requesting via email to [email protected], from October 5th until Monday October 26th, 2020. Such interested firms or consultants can also obtain a printed copy by visiting the GRENCODA’s Office. The deadline for the submission of requests for bid is on or before 11:59 p.m. GMT-4, on Monday 26th October 2020, email entries to [email protected], if email is not available entries may be dropped off.

Lower Depradine Street
Gouyave, St. John, Grenada

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